Bill’s 2 Cents: O-Man at the UN, Islam,The Middle East and rhetorical responses- Part 2

As I eluded to yesterday, There is alot more to discuss when it comes to O-Man,The UN and the rest of it.. Read more of this post

The Palestinian Guilt Trip on the Western World

I have spoken about him, played some of his audio on the show… Now I share another video by Pat Condell. This time, It’s about what we all really know….The Palestinian lie and the true reason behind what they and other groups in the Middle East region are trying to do. Read more of this post

Climate Push Strangely Familiar to Health Care Promo Tactics

It never gets old apparently. In terms of Climate legislation, we are right back to square one going through the exact same kind of push used to propagate the passage of the health care bill – lie and misrepresent it. One of the most jaw-dropping lies now is the idea that this bill will in fact be beneficial to businesses in the long run. They can’t even be be remotely honest anymore. Are the American people mad? How can one possibly allow the administration to spoon feed us such an insanely stupid proposition without calling the president out on this? Read more of this post

What to make of the Clinton Global Initiative…

If you want an inside scoop at what this administration is up to, take a look at the Clinton Global Initiative conference at somepoint this week. You will see the true colors of a movement that has much deeper roots than anyone in leadership positions of our government today can pretend to have. Their marching orders are coming from a variety of areas including, but not limited to the United Nations. The goal in all of this is to merge the US economy under some universal conglomerate presided by the league of nations.

What does this mean? The Answer is simple… you are watching the sovereignty of the United States continue to be weathered away under the guise of charity for the less fortunate in other countries, saving the planet, and universal health coverage. I love how they try and point out the health care systems in other countries, like Chile, and ask why cant we do the same. It’s almost like they are making the claim that we have a lower standard of living because we don’t offer a blanket government plan courtesy of the paychecks of the American people.

Can people not tell that this is all part of a greater scheme? Do you honestly think that the rest of the world is looking out for our best interests? and if so should we really be taking orders as a society from a foreign government? Leave a comment below with your response…


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