“Peaceful” acts of drunken humor from the Occupiers…REALLY?? (Video)

Just a humorous, small, insignificant piece of a lit-drop, Man! For REAL ,Dude!

This from the NY Daily News live blog on Occupy Wall Street:


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Recent Rise in Violent Threats Being Tied to Conservatives

The news feeds have been bombarding me with different reports about so-called conservatives making violent threats to members of Congress who voted for the health care bill. To start off, I am well aware of the fact that main stream media today will jump all over the slightest rumor of such a threat with little or no confirmation to back it up. At the same time, I must warn all conservatives right now to back away from anyone who condones violence. Unless you want to see this nation hit a highway to chaos, it’s in your best interest to get as far away from it as possible. Those who see violence as a way to remedy a political shortfall are not only far from what it means to be a conservative, they are flat-out un-American. Read more of this post


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