2012- An Election Odyssey

Looking at the current situation running up to the GOP primaries, it’s a safe bet to say this election year will be a roller-coaster ride to say the least. I myself have said alot on the show about this as well as articles here on the site that clearly show the differences between the candidates running for the GOP spot. It’s a dirty mess and don’t expect 2012 to be any different. Read more of this post

The Holiday Trap and The Reason for the Season

*Written by Matt Hughes, Friend of Bill McMicheals:
The most over commercialized time of year is here and I sit and watch the hustle and bustle and think to myself how crazy society has become. We frantically search for the lowest prices on this or that while falling into the trap that has become the Holiday season. Most of us forget the true meaning of this time of year. With some of the recent events lately that has happened around me, I’ve realized the things that are the most important. Read more of this post

Seeking some great Christmas stories to share, Got one?

Well folks, It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas. Yes, in my neighborhood, there’s folks putting out Christmas lights and decorations, big humongous snowmen and Santa’s in the front lawn (scares the crap out of the dog every time he goes outside,lol) and even a few nativity scenes (which are done very nicely in fact) and its’ got me thinking about the old times when I was a kid and some of them were more pleasant than others..depending on your interpretation of course. Read more of this post