Economic takeover Passes in Most Disgraced Congress in US History

What we have witnessed in the last 24 hours has given America a terrifying wake-up call to what this country has become because we foolishly as a citizenry granted the progressive movement unchecked power in all three branches of government. This move, aside from being unconstitutional and cowardly stands in bold defiance to the will of the American people, whom employ every single one of these representatives. They knew they could not legitimately get this bill through after the American people in MASSACHUSETTS  of all states defeated the democrat Martha Coakley for what they would like to call an “anti-reform extremist.” If you noticed, in the title of the post I did not call it health reform, but rather an economic takeover. That is a more accurate way to describe this legislation because it does not do anything to improve our system today. Read more of this post

Congress: Say one thing, Do Another

That seems to be the philosophy our leaders are going by as our economy continues to slip in lieu of rising unemployment and a skyrocketing deficit. The latest display of these so-called efforts being launched to combat the deficit and fraudulent spending problems is a proposal to ban earmarks. On the surface it sounds like a great idea, but with the progressives, there is always a catch or loophole that allows them to accomplish almost everything they have set out to do. This is the problem you encounter when you can set your own limits, they aren’t really limits. Read more of this post

Traveling Overseas for Christmas? The Unions may not let you

It’s time to re-open the debate as to how effective Unions really are. Are we now able to raise questions challenging the benefits Union provides to its members? In history uniting a workforce was of the essence. There were countless cases in which employers were clearly taking advantage of workers. Unfortunately over the years, unions have evolved into giant entities. In many businesses nowadays union membership isn’t just an option, it is mandated.

After working in a mandated union workforce myself, I am learning more and more about the purpose Unions really serve. They take a chunk of your paycheck each week with the intent of “funding” itself. Union benefits are disbursed by seniority and you must be a full-time employee to receive benefits. However, you do not have to be a full-time employee to pay into the union.

The latest news out this week is the looming 11 day British Airways strike through the holiday travel season. This is significant because British Airways is the Largest carrier across the Atlantic Ocean. An estimated one million passengers hold British Airways tickets during the anticipated strike time. For those expecting to see their family  overseas this holiday season, nightmare is the best way to describe trying to rearrange plans to catch one of the long list of overbooked flights on alternate carriers. To add to the problem, British Airways has not canceled any of those scheduled flights yet meaning passengers are not able to exchange tickets to refund their travel yet. The last breath of a chance is people scrambling to try to get a  judge in the British Court system to declare this kind of strike illegal.

My friends, this is just another example of the disgust I hold for unionized workforces and is exactly why I currently hold a position in a non-unionized labor force. It funny that I have yet to experience any mistreatment by my employer but maybe that’s just me. These people are thugs, and they are self-centered. I’m so sick of criminal organizations like SEIU, among others claiming they care about the American worker. They are agenda driven, are deeply connected with the workings of this administration and the everyone else apparently are just bigoted.

I wonder how that is, too.

Wasn’t it 4 thug SEIU members who beat up Ken Hamidi  and sent him to the hospital back in November? He was a California state worker who dared to raise a question about corruption in the Union during a meeting. Was it not SEIU thugs who beat up the black man in Missouri back in August? The list goes on and on. It’s time for people to speak out against this thievery, the very organization Obama has a tremendous amount of appeal to as well. It is one of the many organizations the health care bill acts as a quid pro quo to as well promising millions of dollars in what I call bribery money. So I ask again, are labor unions still serving the people? The answer should be becoming very clear.


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