Scott Brown Wins in Massachusetts – What’s Next?

There is hope for this country my friends. I hope you listened to my program from last night as we brought in the results. I had Bill McMicheals, the founder of,  on the program for breaking news and commentary. You can hear it all at

I want to address the concerns raised about the whole lesser than two evils mentality that they were bringing up about this election. Right off the bat, The outcome of this whole election was amazing in light of the fact that Ted Kennedy held this seat for decades, meaning he had to be re-elected several times. Read more of this post

State of the Union: What should we Expect?

We now stand – one year into the presidency of Barrack Obama. It’s time to evaluate the state of this nation from one year ago and the much anticipated state of the union address will be the president’s chance to make his case for the past years success and plans for the future. The attitude of the American public may not be so welcoming to Obama’s address next week. Even the president himself has admitted his failure to unite this country. Read more of this post


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