My thought’s on Herman Cain leaving GOP race and the future

Well, It Happened as we feared it would…

Herman Cain has suspended his campaign bid for the nomination of the G.O.P. I watched as He announced it today, with supporters outside standing his office in Atlanta,Ga this afternoon, it was a somber moment.

Some were saying he wasn’t leaving, others already knew it. His time in the hunt was over.

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct and the latest (in my opinion.The biggest B.S. story of the year) accusation of a woman claiming a 13 year long affair (You know, While he was on Chemo Therapy and all…) and the constant attacks from both sides of the political spectrum, it was inevitable. I do honestly believe he just didn’t want to put his family though anymore of the crap. Read more of this post

House Trying to Reverse Supreme Court Decision by Statute

Congress is just now following up on President Obama’s remarks in the State of the Union address back in January that they need to step up and reverse a Supreme Court decision he vehemently opposed. In any other time in this countries history, the effort by congress to do this would be to no avail. However, since no deference is given to the constitutional structure of our government, anything can happen. You cannot legally overrule what the highest court has already deemed unconstitutional by trying to subvert it with a law. The move by the supreme court back in January came down on an earlier bill from our legislature saying that they either comply with the constitution or amend it. Read more of this post

America’s Priorities Do NOT Include Being “Liked”

The liberal way of thinking and it’s complete detachment from reality have cast upon us the illusion that we as a country need to pander to the rest of the world in order to maintain a positive image. While I understand there is an importance to maintaining good relations with other countries, our priority as a nation is not to be liked. After all we’ve seen the results of the president trying to pander to the radical Muslim community. It doesn’t work and it never has. Read more of this post

Dems seeking Substantial New Raise to Debt Limit

If you’re a democrat trying to raise the debt limit so you can afford the amount of borrowing required for your programs the strategy is obvious – get it out of the way now and spend the rest of the year trying to justify it for the voters later. Well that’s exactly what they are trying to do with the newly proposed 1.9 trillion dollar hike in the national debt ceiling right now. This would allow our national debt to reach 14.3 trillion. In the mean time, the US total debt (national and everything else) has eclipsed 50 trillion. Unsustainable? I would think so. Read more of this post

Scott Brown Wins in Massachusetts – What’s Next?

There is hope for this country my friends. I hope you listened to my program from last night as we brought in the results. I had Bill McMicheals, the founder of,  on the program for breaking news and commentary. You can hear it all at

I want to address the concerns raised about the whole lesser than two evils mentality that they were bringing up about this election. Right off the bat, The outcome of this whole election was amazing in light of the fact that Ted Kennedy held this seat for decades, meaning he had to be re-elected several times. Read more of this post


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