The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment

The first amendment battle in this country is starting to become more and more apparent as I observe some of the political discourse in this country. It is imperative that people recognize it’s significance or this will become another right, one of our most important ones,  that dissolves in the front of our eyes.

The impetus toward addressing this topic now is result of the religious freedom attack coming directly from the Barack Obama health care plan who’s HHS mandate directly violates conscience laws of individuals in this country. Read more of this post

Dissent is now Classified as Cynicism and Pessimism?

So now we have this coming out from the Associated Press. Basically people should be asking themselves when it comes to the presidents commencement ceremony tour is: Where will Barack Obama strike next? He has nothing substantive to add to the college careers of any young person today, especially if you take into account Obama most recent offering of advice. Read more of this post

POWER BLITZ: Lawmakers look to Bring down Supreme Court Ruling

Well its becoming more and more evident that the balance of power in our government is tilting very strongly to the legislative branch. On the off chance that it fails in the legislature, no worries, Obama will push it through using his executive power. The latest lurch being started by the left is a new attempt to bring down the supreme courts over turning of many campaign finance reforms laws that limited businesses ability to sponsor candidates for elections through donations, paid advertising time, etc. Read more of this post


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