UNAMERICAN: SOPA,Internet IP Protection and other Internet Censorship

Thought I’d make myself clear on my stand on the proposed SOPA and other Internet censorship bills that are being introduced and muled over in Congress.

For one: It’s NOT American and stands against the Constitution.

It takes away from our freedom of Speech and I bet a few more rights. Read more of this post

Dems Back Down on Energy Bill as EPA Seizes more Power

Don’t be fooled by the decision made by the Senate not to pursue climate legislation because the least of your problems have yet to hit. The Environmental Protection Agency has been quietly consolidating more regulatory power over the private sector and individual citizens, all under the guise of human health. In reality, however, the only end result is loss of liberty for everyone and increased financial liability for anyone trying to make money. It’s absolutely criminal, but at this time, with the dynamics of the legislature, and the lack of dependability on the courts to uphold the constitution, the people are really left powerless in trying to fend for themselves. Read more of this post

Tactics for Passage of Health, EPA regulations not New

In stunning move after stunning move we continue to watch an unprecedented level waylaying of our republic against the will of the people. We are throwing the very rule of law out the window when it comes to government proceedings, whether it be the use of reconciliation to pass a highly disputed health overhaul or using the EPA’s regulatory authority to dictate to Americans climate regulations in some paranoid fantasy that it will have any real benefit to our planet. This is beyond scandalous, it truly is at the level of which we have not seen before in America. Read more of this post

Another surge of Government regulations; also a tribute to our troops

Regulators in California considering banning black cars; Obama wants “smart moniters” to tell people when they should turn their lights off.

Your reading that correctly the envirostatist is once again taking their absudity to a new level. I’ll start with the california story first in an arguement that climate control setting in a black car need to work harder than those of lighter colored cars during hot days, which means your car will be less efficient and it will use more fossil fuels. This s such an ignorant and lazy way to address this ‘problem’ to begin with because they are essentially just re-applying their building code laws onto cars. There are other much more helpful ways to fix this issue they have. One might be to work on more energy efficient air conditioning systems in the private sector? hmm? why is it that government has to step into work on this. I have no problem with making things more energy efficient that is our goal in science – is to be able to get the most out of the energy generated… but to tell people what color cars they have to have? come on! That last thing our struggling auto industry needs is to be hit with more useless regulations like this…

Now secondly – I was watching Obama hold a “virtual town hall” discussion today in which people can sbumit questions and vote on what question they want Obama to answer for them. I guess its his way of making his presidency more interactive, i don’t know… He hit a topic in which he wants installed in everyone’s home a moniter that alerts you when the grid your house is on is reaching maximum use to tell you to turn of your lights. It also beeps to tell you to shut them off at night – so people are not smart enough to handel their own electricity usage. We need to government to come in to our homes and tell use how we are to use our lights? This is absolutely ridiculous.

This mentality that we need the government to come in and direct us how to live and use electricity and tell us what color cars we can drive. When does this end. How is this helping or hurting the environment. GET OUT OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR. You worthless regulations are killing this economy!!!!


I can’t wait till the show tonight 10 PM Est blogtalkradio.com be there!!! – Conservative Underground

One more thing: http://www.youtube.com/v/ervaMPt4Ha0&autoplay=1 – this link is a phenomenal tribute video to our men and women in uniform. I was very moved by this because I know families that are actually going through this. I spoke with a few of them in line at Mark Levin’s Book signing. They are wonderful people. I realize now – that as citizens we all have a duty to our country – and I dont mean in the military although that is a very noble choice… many people gave their lives over the years so that we can enjoy the properity, freedom and security of this great nation… there is a growing sect of people in this country that are undermining its greatness to promote an authoritarian agenda. it is our duty to stand up for the principals that so many gave their lives to defend – its the least you can do. Get active in your community if you do it for no one else – do it for your children, grandchildren, our soldiers and their families… God bless you and God Bless America


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