Literacy needed: “Infolost” on what “Protection of Names” in U.S. law really means

Another weird and mis-construed moment of Facebook “news” links that rolled into my news feed once again!: .  (Sorry Ryan, but this link has to be seen!)

Really? We have to go there don’t we? ok, ok… I guess we here at The American Beacon will explain all this using  good ole common sense dictation and interpretation on what exactly this paragraph means just so A.J. and his fan base can know this is not some Buildaburger trilateral commission sneak-in plot to take away our freedom’s of expression or speech! God forbid anyone get all worried and grab some MRE  packets as they head off to the caves and bunkers screaming : RUN,RUN, HURRY!! THE END IS HERE,THE END IS HERE!

Not that we think the T.S.A. is the best thing ever.. FAR FROM IT!

We actually have been very critical of them….but here goes: Read more of this post

Arab Springs in Egypt= NAZI, NAZI, NAZI !

Gotta love that fresh sent of ARAB SPRING in the morning..smells similar to the rise of Germany in the 1930’s! Think i am Joking huh? Well, let’s watch some Egyptian TV News shall we?? CLICK THE LINK BELOW!

Yea, NAZI,NAZI,NAZI! Arab Spings equal ARAB NAZI’S! Not that we didn’t expect this…. Spring forward that Chris Matthews!