Rachel Maddow Continues Bizarre Attacks on FOX

In the cable news industry you are eventually supposed to get past the fact that you don’t like your competitor and start focusing on more important things, like content for your own program. This does not seem to be the mantra of many at MSNBC who remain fixated on criticism, that couldn’t be more antithetical of something substantive, of the network, FOX. It’s a level of name calling that to this point FOX has avoiding being apart of that resembles one of those arguments you’d have in preschool over who gets to play in the pretend kitchen. Read more of this post

“What Rights are Being Taken Away?” Where’ve you been?

I’m getting more and more disheartened by the overall IQ of the constituency within this country. Some of the displays of ignorance about how our very system works  is terrifying to be honest with you. Hopefully, We’ve just been tapping into an unusually high concentration of them because of the time of year. Many organized forces are recruiting them to cause trouble and go on the attack, which is fine, but the accusations of racism among other spurious claims are just outrageous. Read more of this post


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