Mitt Romney in his own Words!

Last night we featured an incredibly important clip on the radio show of Mitt Romney. If you truly believe that analyzing a candidate’s record is an important thing, then you have to actually do it. I don’t care whether they did something at the state level or the federal level if it’s wrong it’s wrong, regardless of the format. Read more of this post

*UPDATED* Our Response to Glenn Beck on the Tea Party Attack

We don’t consider Newt Gingrich the most conservative person in the field. At the same time we don’t think Romney is either, and if you go by records of achievement, Romney has a much more liberal record than Newt does. To say that you could support Romney over Newt is befuddling, and then to go on and fantasize about Ron Paul third party runs is even worse. Anyway you can listen to the show to find out more.. Read more of this post

Election 2010: The Final Month

It cannot be underscored enough how important the next several weeks are going to be if we are going begin to truly affect the direction of this country in a meaningful way. Over the last couple of years we have witnessed a number of different waves of attempts to revive the American spirit among the general populace and while many have hailed the rally efforts as a success, this will be the first real tangible way to prove that. This culminated in the monster rally in Washington that Glenn Beck inspired and helped put together and a comparable liberal rally this past weekend put those significant difference on display in a very weak way. It was apparent that principle has won the day among the American people, but it in itself is not a victory. Read more of this post

POWER BLITZ: Lawmakers look to Bring down Supreme Court Ruling

Well its becoming more and more evident that the balance of power in our government is tilting very strongly to the legislative branch. On the off chance that it fails in the legislature, no worries, Obama will push it through using his executive power. The latest lurch being started by the left is a new attempt to bring down the supreme courts over turning of many campaign finance reforms laws that limited businesses ability to sponsor candidates for elections through donations, paid advertising time, etc. Read more of this post

Progressivism and Humanitarianism – Conflict of Interests? Maybe…

It’s so easy for people to pass off those who oppose Obama’s agenda as bigots or having a disdain for the poor. This has evolved into a standard argument raised by people on the left to in effect depersonalize dissent as something selfish or harmful to society. However, seldom is this claim brought up with any substantive base. In fact, in many cases the exact opposite ends up panning to be true. Just take a look at the way all major world dictators made their way to power when force was not an option. They disguised themselves as humanitarians and tried to empathize with those who have less. In the end nothing gets fixed, the only result is an increase in central authority over the people of a nation. There are so many examples of this panning out in history. The question becomes: How much more can this country take? Read more of this post


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