It’s Time to Legalize Prosperity Again

I spent a lot of time with the Never Trump movement. It’s obvious that I don’t support him. Like with issues though, it’s not merely enough to be against something. You have to actually be for something. So let me qualify my endorsement for Ted Cruz. Hopefully then, more people will understand that there are legitimate reasons, both policy and record based, that I believe him to be the best candidate for our times in the republican party and in America. Read more of this post

Connecticut Senate Debate – Linda McMahon’s Campaign is Tragically Weak

The Connecticut US Senate candidates debated this morning on WFSB. My reaction to the debate in short is that it was really Chris Murphy vs. an empty chair. Linda McMahon made very clear from the start that she truly has nothing to run on. This is a tragic but all too common situation now in American politics that a man as corrupt as Chris Murphy can get away with his lies and empty promises at the expense of a weak, center-left, republican. Read more of this post