It’s Time to Legalize Prosperity Again

I spent a lot of time with the Never Trump movement. It’s obvious that I don’t support him. Like with issues though, it’s not merely enough to be against something. You have to actually be for something. So let me qualify my endorsement for Ted Cruz. Hopefully then, more people will understand that there are legitimate reasons, both policy and record based, that I believe him to be the best candidate for our times in the republican party and in America. Read more of this post

Connecticut Senate Debate – Linda McMahon’s Campaign is Tragically Weak

The Connecticut US Senate candidates debated this morning on WFSB. My reaction to the debate in short is that it was really Chris Murphy vs. an empty chair. Linda McMahon made very clear from the start that she truly has nothing to run on. This is a tragic but all too common situation now in American politics that a man as corrupt as Chris Murphy can get away with his lies and empty promises at the expense of a weak, center-left, republican. Read more of this post

Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland fuzzy with his Reading Comprehension


The new sensation out there is the book series by Suzanne Collins. It’s called “The Hunger Games.” In an interview with ABC news, the man who plays the President of Panem in the movie, Sutherland compared the narrative as synonymous with the occupy movement vs the republicans. A funny and very fuzzy understanding of the movie at best.

You can watch his appearance courtesy of here. Read more of this post

Herman Cain not helping his own Cause

A comedy of errors. That’s exactly what you can summarize the Cain campaign’s execution of its plan in the republican presidential race. Quite frankly the media is capable of doing that to people, and honestly if that was his only issue, maybe he’d have a chance. Even his public appearances and interviews now have gone from good to bad to worse.

Most supporters of Cain were already understanding of some of his national security shortfalls. We don’t expect people to be perfect, nor do we expect them to be experts. It is, however, paramount to have a well-researched and informed opinion. I don’t care who you are, but simply saying that you will surround yourself with smart people is not good enough. Especially when your interviews turn out a lot more like this. Read more of this post

Mark Block Embarrasses the Cain Campaign with Disastrous Lie

As if Herman Cain needed any more negative publicity, his own campaign director was caught literally fabricating a story line in a PR scramble against the bombardment of harassment allegations. While I have stated on numerous occasions that I feel there is sufficient evidence to support Cain’s innocence, the only way to come to that conclusion would be through the truth. The media is the chief architect of inventing news stories, everyone already knows that. There’s no reason for us to do it, there’s enough actual fact out there to acquit Cain and distance him from the allegations brought forth by the four accusers. Read more of this post


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