Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland fuzzy with his Reading Comprehension


The new sensation out there is the book series by Suzanne Collins. It’s called “The Hunger Games.” In an interview with ABC news, the man who plays the President of Panem in the movie, Sutherland compared the narrative as synonymous with the occupy movement vs the republicans. A funny and very fuzzy understanding of the movie at best.

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“Peaceful” acts of drunken humor from the Occupiers…REALLY?? (Video)

Just a humorous, small, insignificant piece of a lit-drop, Man! For REAL ,Dude!

This from the NY Daily News live blog on Occupy Wall Street:


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Educate Yourself

The other day I was approached by a close friend who began to tell him how are her 10th grader was being thought at the local public highschool that general American vote does not count and that there is no reason to vote due to the electoral college. What shocked me even more was the fact that she began to question the value of a vote herself.


Look I know that it has been a long time since some people took a Civics or American Government course but just because a teacher said so… doesn’t make it so. I decided I would breakout my college book on American Government and explain to my friend how exactly the electoral college and voting for that matter works. After somewhat of a debate I belive I convinced her that his teacher was WRONG.

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Islamism is Spreading, Under the Guise of Democracy

Does anyone still wonder why I didn’t sound all that enthusiastic at the news of the death of Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator? or why I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down with joy as Egypt descended into chaos? Well see if this helps or about about this!!!

Iran’s impact had been contained because it did not have many surrounding countries sympathetic to it’s anti-Israel, radical Islamist idealogy. In the last year, we have seen a significant paradigm shift among middle eastern nations, few of which were either tolerant or peaceful to start with. At least they were semi-negotiable and a bit more moderate. Read more of this post


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