Bill’s 2 Cents: O-Man at the UN, Islam,The Middle East and rhetorical responses- Part 2

As I eluded to yesterday, There is alot more to discuss when it comes to O-Man,The UN and the rest of it.. Read more of this post

Bill’s 2 Cents: O-Man at the UN, Islam,The Middle East and rhetorical responses

It’s been a while since I posted anything much less wrote on the website…

As you know, Obama (Which I call him O-Man) was at the UN Tuesday speaking to the general assembly at a conference. He spoke about the recent events in Libya,Egypt and all across the Middle East. Needless to say it seemed alright but not alot of “meat” to it when it comes to the death’s of our fellow Americans that we lost on 9/11 2012. Not to mention the blaming of something that had nothing to do with why it happened and them trying to cover it up. Read more of this post

The Pinnacle of Anti-Americanism

Freedom is one of the most powerful tools in this country. Freedom is a rarity in this world and through most of human history. Despite what we have graciously experienced in America, it wasn’t always viewed by people as this entitlement because it required great care and diligence to preserve it. Every memorial day we honor those who fought for it in a very profound way. Read more of this post

Florida has selected Mitt Romney, Conservatism is under Attack

By a more than decisive margin, we have seen Mitt Romney run away with the Florida primary. Now it’s no secret that I haven’t exactly been thrilled with Romney and that doesn’t change after tonight either.

Simply put – I think he’ll be the full and complete undoing of conservatism as we know it. Read more of this post

Mitt Romney in his own Words!

Last night we featured an incredibly important clip on the radio show of Mitt Romney. If you truly believe that analyzing a candidate’s record is an important thing, then you have to actually do it. I don’t care whether they did something at the state level or the federal level if it’s wrong it’s wrong, regardless of the format. Read more of this post


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