Government Spending is Never Short of Fraud/Waste

The argument that government spending and government assistance is more effective and efficient than private sector charities is patently false, yet so many people in this country continue to beat that drum. Look at it this way, when you are making a charitable donation, would you rather donate to a charity that uses 100% of what you donate to benefit those who needed it or 75%? The question is fairly simple, obviously people want to know that they are having the biggest impact per dollar spent on people’s lives. Well when government acts as a charity, the percentage that actually benefits others after subtracting large payrolls, enormous pensions along with all the other perks that come with being employed by the government, drops to a staggering 40%. To be honest even that number is generous. To compound that, the horrific bookkeeping leads to more problems. Only in government can millions of dollars be sent away fraudulently. Read more of this post

Dems seeking Substantial New Raise to Debt Limit

If you’re a democrat trying to raise the debt limit so you can afford the amount of borrowing required for your programs the strategy is obvious – get it out of the way now and spend the rest of the year trying to justify it for the voters later. Well that’s exactly what they are trying to do with the newly proposed 1.9 trillion dollar hike in the national debt ceiling right now. This would allow our national debt to reach 14.3 trillion. In the mean time, the US total debt (national and everything else) has eclipsed 50 trillion. Unsustainable? I would think so. Read more of this post

State of the Union: What should we Expect?

We now stand – one year into the presidency of Barrack Obama. It’s time to evaluate the state of this nation from one year ago and the much anticipated state of the union address will be the president’s chance to make his case for the past years success and plans for the future. The attitude of the American public may not be so welcoming to Obama’s address next week. Even the president himself has admitted his failure to unite this country. Read more of this post

Abortion and Health Care – Why is this an issue?

Watching our lawmakers debate over health care has been almost as entertaining as me trying to pull hair out of my head. It is has turned into nothing more than single issue and special interest gabble over nothing. No one in congress gets it. With the exception of a few minor details most of them are all playing along like this has passed. As someone who is avidly opposed to abortion, I still sit in stunned amazement at all of the representatives who sit there arguing over abortion language in the health care bill like that is the only problem they have with the entire bill.

It’s quite a message that is sent when I see the number of people who are only opposed to the bill because of that one single issue, almost like they’ve sold out on the entire rest of the bill. Not to mention the fact that the Stupak language isn’t even included in the Senate version of the bill. It was used as a way of getting the bill through congress, although never intended to actually become part of the finalized bill.

Let me make this clear I will never support abortion, but there is so much more to this thing that must also be opposed. There is nothing in the entire bill that improves anyone’s quality of care. This is about the Unions, and those who supported the president in his campaign. If you read the bill its unbelievable how much is left to the discretion of the health commissioner. Loophole after loophole, The bill is an absolute disaster.

The democrats sit and bask in the cost of the bill and how it will actually reduce the deficit over the next ten-years. It’s very simple math to determine how they figure that. New taxes to cover the cost of the bill will begin immediately after the bill is signed. They will not begin dispensing benefits until 4 years later. They are figuring their numbers with 6 years of payout and 10 years of tax collecting. Extrapolate that to a period in which the payout and tax collecting go on concurrently for the entire ten year period. That savings turns into a substantial loss. This is absolute buggery by our government and the people are going to be left powerless in its wake if the passage of this bill is not stopped.

You need to keep this in mind – our government owes 105 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities! A September post in the American Thinker lays this out very clearly:

 Our unfunded liabilities far exceed our assets. Adding up all unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Government sponsored pension funds gives us a figure slightly in excess of  $100 TRILLION dollars. That’s TRILLION with a ‘T’. The Federal budget deficit for fiscal 2009 will be approximately $1.84 TRILLION. That’s TRILLION with a ‘T’. Over the next ten years the projected deficit will be $9 TRILLION +. That’s $100,000,000,000,000.00 — TRILLION with a ‘T’. Of course, this projected deficit comes from the Congressional Budget Office and has to be considered a conservative estimate. In 1966 the feds estimated that the cost of the Medicare program by 1990 would be approximately $9 billion dollars/year; the actual cost was $67 billion dollars/year.

This is an incredibly perilous and unsustainable path. This country is being driven into the ground and if a stop isn’t put to this soon, there won’t be a country left. You wonder why I’m upset that Abortion is the only thing people are bringing up. Not that it isn’t a noble issue, but its a far cry from where this bill needs to be – in the shredder.

Congressional Budget Office: Obama Budget deficit “Unsustainable”

Obama's budget deficit forcast to excede $1.3 trillion

Obama's budget deficit forcast to excede $1.3 trillion

In a report released by the Congressional Budget Office, the national debt is forcast to put the nation in the red by an additional 9.3 trillion dollars. The deficit is expected to make up a dangerously high level, 5% of the GDP by the end of the decade. I really do question the ability of the administration to limit this deficit during the next four year on this spending tear without astronomically raising taxes. He is destroying this country’s economy. Global confidence in the dollar is dropping rapidly – in fact the UN is advising countries not to use the dollar anymore in trade because of current projections.

We are going into massive debt over some of the most wasteful reforms that will truly damage this country. I am so outraged right now at all this administration is doing. This new carbon trading program, which is based on a total lie… health care reform which will make it so all of us can afford health care that can’t afford to take care of us. It’s so detestable and he is changing this country at such a high rate I can’t keep up with these morons.  Its the equilvalent of letting the mad man off the leash into town – which don’t worry Obama will live up to that promise by releasing some of the Guantanamo Bay terrorists into this country. From

Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget for the 2010 fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 contains ambitious programs to overhaul the U.S. health care system and initiate new “cap-and-trade” rules to combat global warming.

Both initiatives involve raising federal revenues sharply higher, but those dollars wouldn’t be used to defray the burgeoning deficit.

Republicans say Obama’s budget plan taxes, spends and borrows too much, and they’ve been sharply critical of his $787 billion economic stimulus measure and a just-passed $410 billion omnibus spending bill that awarded big increases to domestic agency budgets.

Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., who almost joined the Obama administration as commerce secretary before withdrawing consideration, said the CBO’s estimates confirm that the national debt “will increase to shocking levels that are simply unsustainable and will devastate future economic opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

“Our struggling economy is now at a crossroads, and I strongly urge the Democratic majority to show the fiscal restraint needed to control spending, maintain a fair tax policy and cut the deficit, so that we can head off the avalanche of debt that is poised to crush the economy,” he said in a statement.

What is this Obama president doing? This is disgustiing. I’m furious folks – I’m trying to enjoy this time of year with the NCAA basketball championship going on but I keep getting bombarded with this crap in the news everyday. I want to remind you that my next show will be Thursday at 11 PM and It will be an hour of hard-hitting talk – primarily me ranting. is my official show website – Click on the (MY PODCAST) link and you can fin out when my next scheduled show is and listen in live… I also have a podcast player on the bottom of my show website.

Take advantage of those resources and feel free to call in during my program – Conservative Underground


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