Pelosi To Bishops: Promote Amnesty Bill in Sermons

So who should priests turn to for advice on the content of their sermons? Well Nancy Pelosi is certainly offering a lot of advice from her bully pulpit. Yes, if only her political agenda could be more intertwined in the churches. Better yet, let’s take their agenda and draw a parallel between it and something that was said in the Gospel or at least try to paraphrase the general tenure or intent of a portion of the Gospel. After all it makes complete sense to take the one area in many cases that acts as a break from politics and insert politics into every aspect of it. Read more of this post

Speaker of the House – It’s Time to Resign

As details on the interrogation issue continue to emerge, it is becoming more obvious that Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a serial liar. Over the last several weeks issues have been brought up by the current administration about the employment of enhanced interrogation techniques on terrorists. The democrats, namely Nancy Pelosi has distanced herself from these techniques and pointed fingers at Bush administration officials. They have gone as far as to say that these techniques we employed, despite their success, were criminal and inhumane. While I disagree with their current position on this, what has infuriated me the most is the hypocrisy being displayed by the majority party, who raised no objections to these methods for five years. Nancy Pelosi was a ranking democrat on an oversight committee involving this issue in 2002. When questioned about it she deferred blame but each time she spoke in public her story evolved. It has become apparent that she is blatantly lying and should at the very least resign her position as speaker of the house.

Nancy Pelosi’s lying tour began in an April 23 press conference on her knowledge of these enhanced interrogation techniques. She insisted that she was briefed only once and that she was explicitly informed that water boarding and other enhanced interrogation methods were not being used. She went on to say that the CIA put them on notice that if they planned on employing these techniques they would notify her on that. She claimed that there never was a follow up briefing. A reporter approached her about a specific claim that a report released on April 22 indicated that they were informed about the employment of enhanced interrogations on high profile terrorists. Nancy Pelosi’s response was that someone may have been told that but she wasn’t.

By last week, it had become known that Pelosi did in fact know about the use of enhanced interrogation techniques and that she was briefed on them. In order to adapt her story to defer blame once again, Pelosi attempted to convince reporters in a press conference last week that she was told that all of these techniques were within the law. She claimed that the CIA had lied to her and that there were other legal opinions that contradicted what she had been told. She accused the CIA of ignoring those details and called on the CIA to release the content of all the briefings she was a part of. She distanced herself from another briefing that had emerged in February 2003 saying that she was only informed of the briefing by someone else who was informed about the briefing – a little confusing but those are her words not mine.

This kind of obscurity is unacceptable by a speaker of the house. We have an administration who is seeking to use the so-called illegality of these techniques to potentially prosecute former Bush administration officials. At the same time we have a democrat from California who is stumbling all over herself trying to clear her name from something she was very much involved in. It is astounding how much she has changed her story and still gets a pass by most of the new media. If this is the kind of transparency we are getting from this administration than we certainly have no gotten the change we’ve been waiting for. In light of the dishonesty of the speaker of the house, I call on her to resign. Her behavior has been inexcusable and she has displayed an inability to accept responsibility, a pillar of the Obama administration’s campaign. It will be better for the American people and better for this country.


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