The Pinnacle of Anti-Americanism

Freedom is one of the most powerful tools in this country. Freedom is a rarity in this world and through most of human history. Despite what we have graciously experienced in America, it wasn’t always viewed by people as this entitlement because it required great care and diligence to preserve it. Every memorial day we honor those who fought for it in a very profound way. Read more of this post

Random thoughts: Coutler,Beck and MSM; A pattern of distaste

Congratulations S.C., You picked Newt Gingrich by a wide margin… Take that MSM!

Thus begins this little story featuring the blatantly distasteful antics of Coutler, Beck and MSM… Read more of this post

Rachel Maddow Continues Bizarre Attacks on FOX

In the cable news industry you are eventually supposed to get past the fact that you don’t like your competitor and start focusing on more important things, like content for your own program. This does not seem to be the mantra of many at MSNBC who remain fixated on criticism, that couldn’t be more antithetical of something substantive, of the network, FOX. It’s a level of name calling that to this point FOX has avoiding being apart of that resembles one of those arguments you’d have in preschool over who gets to play in the pretend kitchen. Read more of this post

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann Slammed with Suspension

There aren’t too many people in this country right now who have any question about where Keith Olbermann stands on some incredibly decisive political issues. If you really want to break down Keith’s violation of journalistic ethics however, the three minor contributions he made to democratic candidates should not have been the first clue. For that reason it becomes increasingly clear that the decision to suspend Olbermann is not a referendum on his radical bias he expressed on his “news” show for the last seven years, but rather it’s a PR move they are making as a company. Read more of this post

Left Wing Noise Machine Launches “Donation Drive” to Fight FOX

Another useless trumpet blare from the saddest among us somehow has it’s hypnotized website users thinking they need to donate to stand up for truth. Kinda funny isn’t it? Especially when they could just ask SEIU for another rosy donation or turn to George Soros and pander to him for more funds. The website is devoted to doing the exact thing it accuses virtually every other media outlet of being: untruthful propaganda noise machines. When you have a site that is devoted to critiques of other people’s intellectual property and that’s all you do, then you lack all sense of innovation or originality is your content. Read more of this post


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