Whiney Turncoats and Scaredy Cat’s Running Amuck

Yea, It’s been one of those weeks. Let me first say to Jesse Ventura: “You Sir are a DUMBASS”! Please get yourself some better legal advice next time you want to sue the Government. Hell, Even I know that this case had to be presented to an appeals court! He’s so mad about it being tossed out He says ” I am never going to stand up for the National Anthem again” and He also stated (per the link ) He wanted to “Run for President so He could change the rules” then went on to say “I am thinking about getting duel citizenship in Mexico so I can spend more time in Mexico”..Umm, Go ahead and do that, Jess! Please, Please do that and then try to run for President. Read more of this post

Proposed Amnesty Bill Becoming a Serious National Security Threat

Americans need to pay extremely close attention to the deteriorating situation along the US-Mexico border before even considering the 2nd attempt in 2 years at a sweeping immigration overhaul. Not only are we going to start seeing problems with the massive influx of non-citizens weigh down our economy, but the severe episodes of violence that have been chronic plagues to Mexico are going to frequent the US side of the border much more often. It’s no coincidence that 27% of all prisoners in the United States got here illegally. If, You think you’re going to solve this problem with comprehensive immigration reform pathways to citizenship, then you’re in for a loud wake up call one day. Read more of this post

Yet another International Deal Undermining our Security

One of the key warnings George Washington made during his farewell address on September 26, 1976 was to avoid permanent foreign alliances or treaties. Washington, who was easily one of the most brilliant men in the founding of our nation had an incredible knowledge of how to maintain liberty in this country. I hate to say it but that would include things like the UN. there are many countries that would love to see the destruction of the US and Washington recognized that giving them any kind of leverage in out internal affairs would put the republic seriously in jeopardy. Read more of this post

How can we tell if Conservatism is on the Ascendancy?

What is the biggest threat to the credibility of the conservative philosophy today? Well, It’s certainly not the philosophy itself. In a culture that focuses too much on bumper stickers and end lines, it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype on a daily basis whether it is from the news media or the government today. Especially in the middle of this onslaught in the press about so-called threats of violence from conservatives following the health care bill passage, all of which were misreported. It cannot be stressed enough how important it’s that conservatives stay informed and up-to-date. You do a disservice to this country if you are not doing the proper homework to truly understand the context of the perilous world we face today. Read more of this post

Tactics for Passage of Health, EPA regulations not New

In stunning move after stunning move we continue to watch an unprecedented level waylaying of our republic against the will of the people. We are throwing the very rule of law out the window when it comes to government proceedings, whether it be the use of reconciliation to pass a highly disputed health overhaul or using the EPA’s regulatory authority to dictate to Americans climate regulations in some paranoid fantasy that it will have any real benefit to our planet. This is beyond scandalous, it truly is at the level of which we have not seen before in America. Read more of this post


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