My thought’s on Herman Cain leaving GOP race and the future

Well, It Happened as we feared it would…

Herman Cain has suspended his campaign bid for the nomination of the G.O.P. I watched as He announced it today, with supporters outside standing his office in Atlanta,Ga this afternoon, it was a somber moment.

Some were saying he wasn’t leaving, others already knew it. His time in the hunt was over.

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct and the latest (in my opinion.The biggest B.S. story of the year) accusation of a woman claiming a 13 year long affair (You know, While he was on Chemo Therapy and all…) and the constant attacks from both sides of the political spectrum, it was inevitable. I do honestly believe he just didn’t want to put his family though anymore of the crap. Read more of this post

The Palestinian Guilt Trip on the Western World

I have spoken about him, played some of his audio on the show… Now I share another video by Pat Condell. This time, It’s about what we all really know….The Palestinian lie and the true reason behind what they and other groups in the Middle East region are trying to do. Read more of this post

Dick Blumenthal: The Embodiment of Today’s Idealogical Double-Standard

For most people, being untruthful about service in the military would be a death-blow to any political hopes and dreams for someone on a large political stage. Not for Richard Blumenthal however, who is now back peddling in response to an expository post from the New York Times about how he went out of his way to make sure he did not get sent overseas during the Vietnam war. To be clear, there was nothing criminal about his decision to stay home and pursue studies rather than fight overseas. However it did not give him license to go around telling people that he did serve. Not only is it dishonest, but it’s a disgrace to all those who have sacrificed much in the service for this country. Read more of this post

“What Rights are Being Taken Away?” Where’ve you been?

I’m getting more and more disheartened by the overall IQ of the constituency within this country. Some of the displays of ignorance about how our very system works  is terrifying to be honest with you. Hopefully, We’ve just been tapping into an unusually high concentration of them because of the time of year. Many organized forces are recruiting them to cause trouble and go on the attack, which is fine, but the accusations of racism among other spurious claims are just outrageous. Read more of this post

Hipocrasy in the Conservative Movement

** Opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the conservative alliance, its members or its subsidiaries**

Ive been doing some research recently on another particular conservative group that exists in the blog world. In the interest of keeping this post professional I will not identify my target in this article but I would like to make a point. I belong to a group of internet radio hosts, which is common for people to organize and work together… because there is more power with numbers. The great thing about the group I am a part of is that we all work together and promote eachother. When that is the way we use groups it becomes almost like a family and really can be an amazing experiance. The oppurtunity to work together with like minded people can truly be exilherating in dark times like these. However not all groups function in this ideal manner. I would like to point out the risks in joining those kind of groups, some of which are blatantly fraudulent in part or in whole.

 I leave most groups alone as long as they leave me alone, dont contact me, etc. This particular group had the audicity to send me this personnal recruitment message (all information that could potentially be associated with the name of this group has been censored:

Are you hungry and want to join with over 200 conservative authors and radio show hosts <censored>! We already have two shows going 7 days per week with a great line up a new host each day. We are quietly recruiting for this new show to run <censored> PM CST that will complete the <censored> Trilogy. I have listened to your show and with your blog, I think you may be a nice fit to host, co-host, or fill-in. Essentially the <censored> unites Conservative thought, voice and Image across this nation. We lift up our Conservative neighbors as they in turn and lift up our efforts. Together we will defeat Socialism and get our Conservative message out there. I am a die hard Conservative Republican who is set on <censored> the GOP and chasing the <censored> out of our party, our government and beloved institutions. Join us and share in the fun! We are praying that our actions and concepts will get attention of advertisers and the American hearts and minds. Join us and <censored>! email me at <censored> if your interested! <censored>.com is our main blog network and where it all began and continues! <censored>

First of all I was able to verify that this exact message word for word was sent to a large number of people in the group I work with, which means he went on to our website and sent out a mass invitation – meaning it really wasn’t a personnal message. The statement that my show or blog was reviewed by anyone was false. Secondly the claim that this is a group of over 200 bloggers is a lie. I investigated the blogroll – there are 201 listed members, 32 of which dont even have blogs. Additionally I could identify several listings that that were clearly not members of this network. It should also be noted that if you decide to register, it automatically inserts your account at the bottom of the list, which balloons the apparent size of the blog network.

This network also claimed that it achieved recognition by a nationally syndicated radio talkshow host, which I found a full exposition of that claim from a reliable blog site. In this interest of not mentioning the name of the network in this articel I cannot link to that post online.. but If you leave a comment with your email address in it.. I would be more that happy to provide you with that link privately.

The bottom line is that as a conservative it is important to remain vigilant. Not all people waving that conservative banner have your best interests in heart – I regret having to say this but its true. The amount of leeway you are given to do what you want as a blogger, show host, etc is a very good indicator in most cases of whether you are in good hands. I have deliberately not mentioned the name of the group and hold nothing against them butI want this post to serve as an ultimatum that they better straighten up. One thing I cannot stand as a conservative is people who misrepresent who we are and what we stand for. If they clean up their act.. than this is the last i will say about it. There will never be any mention of this by me on the air because I feel it is unprofessional… but I felt compelled to blog about it on my own personnal blog for one reason: I want integrity and straightforwardness to be indentified with the conservative movement. In a country dominated by such a liberal news media, misrepresenters are used to make us all look bad. I hope my disclaimer at the top of the page was clear enough..

God Bless you and God Bless America – Conservative Underground


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