Supreme Court Nominee Battle Round 2 Spotlight: Elena Kagan

It doesn’t take an elaborate assessment of the President’s latest supreme court nominee to tell that he has picked yet another potential troublemaker for the high court. To make things even more interesting Kagan has absolutely no real judicial experience, she’s never written a formal opinion in any court case. Somehow she’s demonstrated the qualification in Obama’s eyes that is required in a life-long supreme court appointee. These are some of the accomplishments Kagan has that she is using to leverage her way into the court: Read more of this post

Government Wants to Know What Websites you visit?

A story came out the other day that the department of Justice requested a complete list of the IP address who visited the news site This is a stunning move and it raises a lot of questions. Isn’t the against amendment four in the Constitution? Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats were so outspoken against phone line tapping of suspected terrorists but remain silent when it comes to information round up of website visitors.  I visited the site and did not see any reason for the department of justice to need the information. This appears to be an otherwise benign website.

 Here is the information they sought according to CBSNews:

The subpoena (PDF) from U.S. Attorney Tim Morrison in Indianapolis demanded “all IP traffic to and from” on June 25, 2008. It instructed Clair to “include IP addresses, times, and any other identifying information,” including e-mail addresses, physical addresses, registered accounts, and Indymedia readers’ Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and so on.

The subpoena of the Indy Media site was later dropped in a curious move leaving open a lot of reason to be concerned. These orders, since they involve the media, must go directly through Eric Holder and I assume they withdrew it after sufficient fear of backlash. Hence the reason they initially tried to place a gag order on to keep them from disclosing any information about the government’s request. Very indicative and quite underhanded on the part of the Obama Administration.

We as Americans should have some concern here because there is no telling what could happen. It is unclear why this information we requested. How can you justify the need for credit and bank account numbers in the interest of security. What other sites might be probed in a similar manner? That lives to be seen. Since there are many unknowns, the doors are left wide open for speculation on the matter. Some of which includes the possibility of imprisonment and other concerns simply for expressing opposition views to the government. All of which in no way has been confirmed but keeps Americans feeling uneasy.

We do know one thing tho – the White house has been very open in its criticism of media outlets dispensing information it doesn’t agree with. Administration officials, more specifically, the diversity Czar has cited the democratic media revolution in Venezuela as “brilliant.” Statements like that cannot be taken lightly and could be indicators of things to come. Remember one thing people, stand up for freedom, Protect it and defend it, because will not realize how valuable it really is until you have lost it.

Ohio: Complete Collapse of Our Justice System

We learned this week that a convicted rapist who was release from prison in 2005 after serving a 15 year sentence has now been upgraded to a serial murderer. Yet again we have another fail for our justice system which seems to be greatly compromised by political correctness and oversympathising with those who do not deserve it. Within four years the man has been involved in the apparent murder of as many as a dozen women in his Ohio Home, which he transformed into a foul-smelling morgue.

I know one thing, if this man was given proper justice the first time he was convicted there would be at least 11 more people alive today.

In order for an incident of this magnitude to even conceivably happen, it requires a compromised justice system. There are so many road blocks that should be able to prevent such a gruesome series of murders in whole or in part. The first of which would have been the most obvious: how the justice  system dealt with him following his brutal rape that slated him 15 years. He should have been at a minimum been given a life sentence, although for such a despicable crime i would not oppose the death penalty for an individual like that because of how much I detest that crime.

So fail on the way he was sentenced for his first crime.

Secondly, the was a story back in April published in the news about three girls who all disappeared within the same general neighborhood of this man’s home. If that incident wasn’t good enough to clue law enforcement into searching the area, I don’t know what would be. Not to mention, the local neighbors were complaining about a strong aroma that resonated from the man’s house for quite a long time. Seeing as this man had to be in the sex offender registry upon his release in 2005, its amazing that no one was suspicious enough even to check up on his property until a woman came out saying she was beaten and raped by him in October.

Another Fail for not recognizing the developing situation.

Finally, This man was literally within four years of his release from prison. He whats he doing being released without some sort of permanent house arrest. It’s completely disgusting that one can think that 15 years in a jail cell will do anything to change the heart of a rapist. How many more times does this have to happen before people start being a little more concerned about the rights/safety of law-abiding citizens. It’s always the criminals rights we are worried about. It’s never about the dozen people strangled to death by this subhuman monster until after the fact. This is what I mean when I say we are living in an upside down world. My point continues to be made everyday, only we the people of this country can respond to it, though.


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