Chavez Stirring Up trouble, Will Obama React?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the same man who has taken control over the media and successfully eliminated term limits making it possible for him to remain president for life, is now stirring up trouble along the Columbian border. Recently tensions have been rising between the two governments. Chavez lines 15,000 additional troops to “secure the border” with Columbia last week in response to escalating violence in the border region.

Recently the US, an ally of the Columbian government has been allowed into Columbian military bases for the purposes of helping combat drug cartel violence. Chavez, in his intense dislike for the United States, announced on state media that the US empire is using the drug war as a smoke screen to gain access to Venezuelan Oil reserves.

It’s amazing what you can do when you control the information citizens in your country have access to.

Chavez’s boldness to the United States and his arrogance is clear evidence that we have become weak and unintimidating as a nation. We are going to find out real fast that when rogue states like that no longer have that healthy fear of us they will exploit it and use it as a way of gaining leverage. This is exactly what Chavez is doing. He is stirring up trouble in hopes to provoke a response from the US, which knowing this administration will be minimal. He is trying to see how far we will let him go without intervening.

Might I add that being allied with a government means that you would intervene on their behalf if they were attacked for all of you US imperialists conspiracy nuts. So if we did not come to Columbia’s defense we would be breaking our agreement with them. Keeping in mind the president’s encounters with Chavez in the past I am skeptical Obama would take any action if Chavez made a move on Columbia. In fact, I think Obama honestly may be a closet Chavez supporter and in fact might be secretly supportive of Chavez’s actions.

Now some of you may ask why I say that.

First of all, the president had a pair of encounters with Chavez that were exceptionally friendly specifically when Chavez handed him that book that essentially condemns America. Secondly, More concrete evidence is found when you look at Obama’s appointed diversity Czar for the FCC, Mark Lloyd. He is a man who has literally praised the “democratic revolution” in Venezuela that led to the shutting down of numerous alternative media outlets. He called it an incredible revolution meaning to me that he obviously has some substantial common ground with this otherwise acting dictator of Venezuela.

We will watch these developments carefully and it will be interesting how our president responds to Chavez’s provocations. It will be quite revealing as to where Obama stands on this issue and will answer a lot of questions.


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