State of the Union: What should we Expect?

We now stand – one year into the presidency of Barrack Obama. It’s time to evaluate the state of this nation from one year ago and the much anticipated state of the union address will be the president’s chance to make his case for the past years success and plans for the future. The attitude of the American public may not be so welcoming to Obama’s address next week. Even the president himself has admitted his failure to unite this country. Read more of this post

The Dems have the Republicans Right Where They Want Them

Has anyone wondered why we are hearing about all these decisions among top democrats to drop out of their upcoming elections? I warn all of you to remain cautious about celebrating these retirements for the democrats are working very hard to maintain their majorities in both houses, don’t make any mistake about that. The party is simply trying to purge itself of the candidates it feels are not re-electable. That way they can then run someone who supports their same radical agenda but is starting off with a clean slate. Read more of this post


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