Glenn Beck Goes on Book Signing tour Across Southern New England


Glenn signs books in North Haven, Connecticut


I spend a lot of time talking about my opinion and commenting on different issues but the reality of the situation is I’m just a college student trying to do the right thing. I don’t claim to be an intellectual nor do I harold any great achievements, just a love and passion for this country and for all the great people in it. There comes a time when you have to talk about mentors. Glenn Beck has been one of the most inspirational people for me today because of how far he has come in light of a very dark past. Anyone who listens or watches his show with an open mind will truly see what a genuine and caring person he is. Agree with him or not, there is no denying that he stands up for what he believes in and has an incredible grasp on the importance of faith in restoring this country. Read more of this post

Tearing Allies Down is Not the Answer

Let me start off by posing a question to all of you. In hockey, would it make sense if you decked a member of your own team on the ice in the middle of a game? You can extend that question to any sport, it doesn’t matter. We are in the midst of a time in which it’s absolutely essential that we work to toward defending the cause of freedom, which is under attack on so many levels today. Petty conflicts and other wedge differences that divert attention from the real issue should be dismissed, not provoked. Read more of this post

If all Else Fails, Blame Right Wing Extremism

Can someone tell me who died and named Bill Clinton king? He’s out running all over the place giving speeches talking now about his concern that right-wing violence and threats are starting to become a real concern. Now, from my perspective, and I understand I am not close to omniscient on this matter, I have yet to catch someone on the right in the act of posing violent threats against political opponents. The biggest concern coming out of this whole campaign being launched by the left, is that this will further fuel the societal polarization we have witnessed ever since the Obama administration took hold be in January. Read more of this post


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