*UPDATED* Our Response to Glenn Beck on the Tea Party Attack

We don’t consider Newt Gingrich the most conservative person in the field. At the same time we don’t think Romney is either, and if you go by records of achievement, Romney has a much more liberal record than Newt does. To say that you could support Romney over Newt is befuddling, and then to go on and fantasize about Ron Paul third party runs is even worse. Anyway you can listen to the show to find out more.. Read more of this post

*UPDATED*: Supporting Newt a form of Xenophobia,Glenn Beck being stupid with words or just misinterpretations?

Glenn Beck has caused quite a stir and rightfully so and it’s not setting well with most of us either!
If you don’t know what we are referring to, Then let us enlighten you.
Here’s the quote from Glenn Beck on Judge Napolitano’s show on 12/09/2011 about Newt Gingrich and Tea Party supporters that are or may be supporting him:

I issued a challenge to the Tea Party members. The challenge is this: You read [Newt’s] record, you read his words. Not just the happy parts like you read about Theodore Roosevelt. Look into his record. See what he believes. This man is a progressive. He knows he’s a progressive. He doesn’t have a problem with being a progressive.

So if you’ve got a big government progressive [in Newt] or a big government progressive in Obama, one in Newt Gingrich, one in Obama, ask yourself this Tea Party. Is it about Obama’s race, because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him [Obama] but you’re for this guy [Newt], it must be about race. I mean, what else is it about Judge?

It’s the policies that matter, it’s the policies that matter.

Has Glenn Beck lost his mind or are we just looking at what he said wrong?

Is this just “Glenn being Glenn” or has he went too far this time? Read more of this post

What the Republican Primary Debates Should Tell us.

It’s hard to characterize the debate field for the republican presidential candidates as anything convincing or worthwhile at the moment. There are a couple folks who have peaked my interest more than others, but none that have been exceptional thus far. As I’ve been saying before, don’t let the media select your nominee.

At this point, I’m really looking for someone who’s been out of politics, and who’s a genuine, honest and decent person. If I can get someone to fit that category, then I am willing to give them a little more leeway on policy decisions, especially those who are willing to come out and put their names on the line for specific proposals. There is nothing more repulsive to me than vague overarching political non-speak. Read more of this post

What’s the deal with Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart?


One of the things I have learned about myself as a conservative is that I still have a lot to learn in life not to mention as a 21 year-old and a third year student in college studying meteorology (and no I don’t mean as a 26 year-old female or any of that crap). In the last couple months, the war of subtleties between Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck became significantly more vocal. My initial response was to jump to the defense of Glenn Beck. It’s very easy to presume innocence when you’ve been loyally following someone for an extended period of time. Admittedly, in retrospect, I actually believe I was wrong to go after Breitbart, and while I still hope he works to address the problem rather than throw Glenn under the bus, there is no question that Glenn has some apologizing to do. To be honest, it really is a feeling of betrayal, it wasn’t too long ago where I actually went after Mark Levin for doing the same thing. This time is different, because on so many levels it is now becoming apparent that Glenn Beck is wrong. Read more of this post

Glenn Beck, Fox News and the New York Times

**UPDATE** On 4.6.2011 Glenn announced that he will be ending his daily 5PM television program on the Fox News Channel to allow him to begin a new joint endeavor between both the network and his company, Mercury Radio Arts.

There used to be a day where journalism was actually rooted in something factual, where tangible evidence was provided to help people inform themselves in current events. Now, particularly in some of the print media, it’s degenerated into rogue hit jobs as some attempt to catch or divert attention from real journalism. One of the tools that people love to run with when it comes to any kind of persuasive conspiracy is the ability to latch onto and twist story lines by exploiting what is unknown – principally by inventing a news story. Read more of this post


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