Decoding Pelosi: A Tale of Two Worlds

If you have noticed many candidates today, even a substantial number of democrat ones are actively trying to distance themselves from the agenda of Nancy Pelosi in campaigns. This speaks volumes about the state of the country today and how popular opinion has grown increasingly more negative to those who have careers in power. This is a unique year because we are in the middle of an election where any kind of connection to Washington is the biggest vulnerability to those vying for political office. Nearly all public opinion polls out there are forecasting a republican majority in congress and a close tie in the senate, yet the eyes on Nancy Pelosi’s face still fail to blink.
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Is Chris Christie The Man We’ve been looking for?

One of the biggest challenges conservatives face in the next election cycle is finding someone who’s truly qualified for the job and will have the courage to stand up and make tough decisions. While there is certainly plenty of time between now and the presidential election for that person to emerge, an emerging superstar in New Jersey of all places has been making headlines. Chris Christie, the newly elected New Jersey republican, has taken people in the state of New Jersey to task using measures that are aimed to dramatically reduce the size of government, lower taxes across the board and restore a strong focus to local control to solve problems. Needless to say, his shock waves are already being felt in the state economy and New Jersey just might be the only state left standing if the rest of the country doesn’t start to follow suit. Read more of this post

Here’s a Shocker: Republicans Start to Soften on Financial Reform

I’m seeing reports now that republicans are starting to come to some sort of agreement with democrat leaders in the Senate on financial reform. I don’t know what that means but something smells foul. This plays right along with what I warned about in my last two blog posts. The democrats are pressing forward just as planned in hopes to avoid the distraction during the primary season. If republicans in the Senate give in now, arguably one of the most critical points so far for them in this administration, this will only be the beginning of out economic hardships. There is no winning compromise with legislation that is fundamentally flawed, which is exactly why this moronic statement from a leading senate republican: Read more of this post

Without Significant Budget Cuts, Financial Collapse Looms in Foreseable Future

Isn’t it amazing how every time the republicans try to bring the bills the democrats are aiming to fast track back into the spotlight that they get accused of playing politics? Since when is expressing concern about the financial future of this country comparable to “political games”? The United States is a country that needs to be taken care of. In no way can government officials afford to get compulsive about what it is we supposedly need to be spending. Our economy by the way, has shown no sign off recovery outside of a couple artificial bubbles working their way up through the DOW Jones Industrial Average. Read more of this post

New Eco-Friendly Policy: Efficiency over Safety

Dramatic increases in fuel efficiency standards are coming all in the name of energy-saving and the environment. This is yet another regulation on the market that was never free to begin with – the auto industry. New standards would be skyrocketed from the current limit of 25 miles per gallon to 35 by the year 2016. This in addition with a new tail pipe emissions standard from the EPA will be the beginning of a large number of new government mandates scheduled to take effect in the name of our environment (It will make those trips to the DMV so much more enjoyable trust me). This sounds like a great thing to do, but in reality it is going to make accidents that much more perilous for drivers on the road. Read more of this post


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