Barrage of New Taxes on Table Under Banner of Deficit Reduction

President Obama has received warnings that the increased government spending needs to be counteracted by an increase revenue soon or we could be in trouble and that higher taxes need to be considered. The current path the administration has put us on would lead to a third fiscal year in a row of record deficits if the left cannot reign in the money they owe soon. The most logical solution to the problem would be dramatically reducing the spending within government today, but that idea is diametrically opposed to the ideology of the president. Read more of this post

Economic Numbers Still Not Promising for Working Americans

The Economy president Obama has been charged with restoring is not recovering as advertised. Many Americans are feeling the effects of it as our exponentially skyrocketing debt continues to destabilize the market place. We now have reports that in the first 15 months of this administration, average personal income has dropped more than six times than it did during Bush’s first 15 months in office. The Wall Street Journal has reported that income has fallen by 3.2%. Hope and Change. Read more of this post

New Eco-Friendly Policy: Efficiency over Safety

Dramatic increases in fuel efficiency standards are coming all in the name of energy-saving and the environment. This is yet another regulation on the market that was never free to begin with – the auto industry. New standards would be skyrocketed from the current limit of 25 miles per gallon to 35 by the year 2016. This in addition with a new tail pipe emissions standard from the EPA will be the beginning of a large number of new government mandates scheduled to take effect in the name of our environment (It will make those trips to the DMV so much more enjoyable trust me). This sounds like a great thing to do, but in reality it is going to make accidents that much more perilous for drivers on the road. Read more of this post


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