Bev Perdue: “They don’t call her the Chicken Lady Gov. in NC for nothing”…

I have been saying on The American Beacon Radio Show of just how much of a ditsy person N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue actually is but NOOO… Everybody just thought because I made comments about her and her (lack thereof) thinking and mouth movements, That it was just some radical political thing or that her last name happens to remind me of those old Frank Perdue chicken ad’s on T.V. back several years ago!

Well, now you can finally see (rather hear) exactly why I have always called her the Chicken Lady Governor of N.C.! Read more of this post

Economic takeover Passes in Most Disgraced Congress in US History

What we have witnessed in the last 24 hours has given America a terrifying wake-up call to what this country has become because we foolishly as a citizenry granted the progressive movement unchecked power in all three branches of government. This move, aside from being unconstitutional and cowardly stands in bold defiance to the will of the American people, whom employ every single one of these representatives. They knew they could not legitimately get this bill through after the American people in MASSACHUSETTS  of all states defeated the democrat Martha Coakley for what they would like to call an “anti-reform extremist.” If you noticed, in the title of the post I did not call it health reform, but rather an economic takeover. That is a more accurate way to describe this legislation because it does not do anything to improve our system today. Read more of this post

Health Care Rhetoric, Trickery in High Gear in Stongest Push for Reform Yet

Everything is on the table when it comes to getting the health care bill through, including breaching all rules of ethics and conduct for a body of congress. The constitution might as well not exist. Nancy Pelosi has transformed into a borderline tyrannical dictator in what was supposed to be a representative body. The house rules committee is now being used to come up with new ways that the house can break the law. If that wasn’t enough, the president is touring the country telling all of these so-called night mare stories about people who died because they couldn’t get health care. Every story I have heard from him so far has been fudged to try to catch on people’s emotions. This is so sick and twisted it’s almost scary to think that we’re witnessing this in America. How Stupid do they think the people are? Read more of this post

Obama Czars becoming increasing concern

Over the last several weeks I have been watching the developments involving Barrack Obama’s appointment of Mark Lloyd for the FCC’s diversity position –whatever that is supposed to mean. To be honest, my findings to this point on this man have been nothing short of scary. The intentions of this appointment are beginning to become very clear. They want to eradicate anything to do with the free speech market in our country. The first amendment is not only considered an exaggerated right by this man, but he has argued that some aspects of it should be considered criminal. The very reason that Obama even considered him for appointment should be of concern to all Americans right now.

Mark Lloyd a man who has openly praised the revolution in Venezuela as an example of a great democratic revolution. That is very telling because Chavez’s revolution is a radical government shutdown of media outlets that broadcasted information the government either didn’t like or disagreed with. One should wonder then, what kind of media revolution is this man calling for in this country, the country that is supposed to be the freest on Earth and we are sitting here waiting for our fate to be decided without any type of attempt to get an explanation from the administration. As Americans, are we going to let them get away with such a blatant attack on the constitution ?

This man has also lashed out against the first amendment. He wants the private media to be very harshly regulated at a couple of different levels: local content and diversity of ownership – and if media outlets fail to comply they will be imposed harsh fines that will in turn go towards funding government run media outlets such as NPR. They look to keep creating this illusion that the wealthy are trying to mold an overlying message in the media that promotes an agenda rather than the interests of the American People. In reality though, that’s exactly what the government is doing with the media outlets is already influences. Consequently though, the free market keeps rejecting those media outlets and those in government have to find ways to force people into watching their media by making it the only option for people to watch. That’s the only explanation for why they would want to lash out at online media as well.

The massive assault on all our rights is now being taken to a new level. We have a president who continues to appoint some of the most heinous, disgusting people he can dig up to work as agents for his administration. He has been using the position of “czar”, blatantly unconstitutional to begin with, so they don’t have to be answerable to anyone aside from himself, the president. One should truly be concerned about the volume of questionable men Obama has selected as qualified to work in his administration. The only time any of them have resigned is when enough crap has been dug up to expose them. Its time we turn our attention toward Obama, who has appointed all of them and demand an explanation from him about this.

Obama on Blogtalkradio

Now I hope I’m not the only one that was a little perplexed on the reasoning behind Obama’s appearance on a social-network/podcasting site to tout his health care plan. A couple of things that I was able to point out right off the bat on this is that one, the show was only 40 minutes long – there is only so much that can be covered in 40 minutes no matter how you slice it. Two, the show was not open to phone calls. Which make me think that not only were they trying to shelter Obama from potential disidents, but that in all likelihood this was a pre-taped event. Anyone one remember the big health care program Obama did on ABC? yes, that was pretaped too – thank you very much.

I’m lead to question now – why the smoke screen all the time. We never really see much of Obama speaking on his own account. Is this an attempt to prop up this president? – who as far as I’m concerned is not the great public speaker that we have all seen demonstrated to us in the media. Well, certain glimpses in the past would indicate to me that is a likelihood. We have seen more and more pre-taped or heavily scripted events. The town halls have been closed to much debate, if any at all and keep in mind we were supposed to hav a transparent administration

The blogtalkradio show we witnessed promoting health care reform was shallow at best. It lacked substance and they looked to play more on the emotions of the audience through the telling of a selection of tragic stories purported to have been caused by our current health care system. While that may be an effective way to sway the masses, it in itself is not a viable arguement FOR health care reform. Notice how none of their arguments ever stem from the constitution. Now why is that? It’s because there is no constitutional authority for them to do this and they want to avoid it. Read the enumeration of POWERS… not restrictions, POWERS… it’s titled that for a reason…


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