Another University Plays the Political Correctness Card

Radical secularists have been gnawing at the heals of religious people in this country for quite sometime in this country. People of faith are innately tolerant by the virtues of their own faith in this country, and it’s often why they come under attack the most.

There’s an old line that describes the situation with anything in life – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Well at Stony Brook, they did exactly that, behind the backs of the majority of the student body. For decades, the school calendar has included recesses from the normal class schedule on the two most important holidays in the Jewish Faith: Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanna. They have also scheduled the spring break to coincide with holy week – an extremely holy week on the Jewish Calander and the holiest week on the Christian Calander. Read more of this post

Mitt Romney in his own Words!

Last night we featured an incredibly important clip on the radio show of Mitt Romney. If you truly believe that analyzing a candidate’s record is an important thing, then you have to actually do it. I don’t care whether they did something at the state level or the federal level if it’s wrong it’s wrong, regardless of the format. Read more of this post

*UPDATED* Our Response to Glenn Beck on the Tea Party Attack

We don’t consider Newt Gingrich the most conservative person in the field. At the same time we don’t think Romney is either, and if you go by records of achievement, Romney has a much more liberal record than Newt does. To say that you could support Romney over Newt is befuddling, and then to go on and fantasize about Ron Paul third party runs is even worse. Anyway you can listen to the show to find out more.. Read more of this post

Mark Block Embarrasses the Cain Campaign with Disastrous Lie

As if Herman Cain needed any more negative publicity, his own campaign director was caught literally fabricating a story line in a PR scramble against the bombardment of harassment allegations. While I have stated on numerous occasions that I feel there is sufficient evidence to support Cain’s innocence, the only way to come to that conclusion would be through the truth. The media is the chief architect of inventing news stories, everyone already knows that. There’s no reason for us to do it, there’s enough actual fact out there to acquit Cain and distance him from the allegations brought forth by the four accusers. Read more of this post

Herman Cain Harassment is Clarence Thomas 2.0

When a previously unknown figure rises to prominence in the polls the predictable happens. That is exactly what politico, the republican establishment and the left are trying to do to Herman Cain, who has been virtually indestructible in his debate performance in both substance and clarity. I’m not sure who started the rumor, there’s evidence flying out there saying it could have been disgruntled republicans. Quite frankly I don’t care who started it; rather, it’s time to put this story in it’s permanent resting place. Read more of this post


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