Connecticut’s Political Machine

For the last few years I have been closely following the machine-like politics that now has a  strangle hold over the people in the state. What this means is that we see representation of the party rather than of the people. When a candidate becomes unpopular, they fulfill the great good by simply stepping aside in “retirement” and allow someone of exact same ideology to step in and win over the hearts of the public by virtue of the fact they are a fresh face. We first saw this with the retirement of Chris Dodd, who had become increasingly unpopular, to pave the way for the biggest say anything to get elected appeaser, Dick Blumenthal. Read more of this post

An Open Letter to Rosa DeLauro – Congresswoman – Connecticut

Well you know a moronic maniac congresswoman when you see them. Part of villifying the progressive movement is flushing them out into the open and exposing them for how embarassingly bad they are. Do you need proof? Well here:

Three days after her overwhelming victory in the liberal-stricken New Haven County district, I sent her a letter asking politely for her to clarify her stances on some issues. She has declined to respond. I am now making the letter public. Read more of this post

Oh My Goodness Did Linda McMahon Hint at Minimum Wage Reduction?!

Or did she? The Video Dick Blumenthal points to as a smoking gun for prove that Linda is for minimum wage reduction can be found here. Her statements are brief and taken out of context to begin with, but she brings up a valid point about evaluating where the minimum wage should be as we sit here in a struggling economy and try to improve the job market. The best way to help get people back to work is for government to step out-of-the-way and allow businesses to get themselves back on track financially. There is no surprise that the market has not improved in the last year and a half, it is exactly where we had predicted it would be when they started beating the drums of stimulus. Read more of this post

Dick Blumenthal and His Record of “Public Service”

I don’t claim to be the smartest person by any stretch of the imagination when it comes to politics or the future of this country, but I certainly hope I’m able to at least provoke some level of debate or thought. In the blog world, it can become very difficult at times to hold back when talking about some of our political foes because of how much I feel is truly at stake. One thing that I feel is an obligation though is that when a fraud emerges we are able to identify that. This is the exact way Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut emerges to me on the political stage, and even more baffling is his favorable rating among Connecticut voters. Here we have a man who has been involved in politics his entire life. Dick dresses it up rather nicely when he calls it public service, but to me there is a distinct difference between real public service and blue-blooded populism. Read more of this post

Political Slugfest 2010 Spotlight: Dick Blumenthal

Need I say more? The corrupt Connecticut Democrat Attorney General and his fervent supporters are launching a smear campaign on Republican nominee Linda McMahon. I just want to point out before I respond to Dick’s latest ad that I have not seen one single substantive attack on Linda McMahon’s policies. Nothing has been done to counter her political stances because they are substantive,  Blumenthal’s however are not. He is a populist and he has used his position as Attorney General for his own political gain rather than enforcement of the laws on the books. Read more of this post


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