Dissent is now Classified as Cynicism and Pessimism?

So now we have this coming out from the Associated Press. Basically people should be asking themselves when it comes to the presidents commencement ceremony tour is: Where will Barack Obama strike next? He has nothing substantive to add to the college careers of any young person today, especially if you take into account Obama most recent offering of advice. Read more of this post

I thought our President wanted transparency

In Response to the barrage of allegations from Obama opponenents we have see the president’s camp seal off all records that could potentially vindicate Obama or confirm our allegations. As much as I don’t like to buy into conspiracies which is still the level at which this rumor rests, it troubles me that these records have been kept hidden. It gives the impression that our president may, in fact have something to hide because it wouldn’t make sense to hide this information if it was proof Obama is constitutionally eligible.

First of all we have not been allowed to see the president’s kindergarden records. It has been made public that Obama went Noelani Elementary school and too prove it a photo of 5 students along with two teachers was released with a claim that Obama was one of those students. I have no reason at this time to dispute that claim. My concern is that, according to the department of education in Hawaii, there is a required documentation procedure that all registering students must go through to prove legal status in the United States. They could produce a birth certificate that affirms the child is a natural born citizen in the United State or if the child was foreign, a passport or student visa is acceptable. There insistance on keeping these records hidden indicate to me the possibility that maybe he was not a natural born citizen.

The Obama administration has also gone out of its way to prevent the disclosure of any financial information. As a result this leaves some room for doubt about whether or not some of the financial aid he received as he was going to college were intended for non-citizens. Repeated attempts to get these records released have been turned down with very vague explanations why. The lawyers in the Obama administration pulled all the strings they could to keep these records away from the public eye and under some twisted privacy right explanation the records from Occidental College were never disclosed.

There are other disputed claims as well but they are not neccessary to make my point. The transparency we were promised in this presidency as about as see through as a brick wall. Even if this man is constitutionally eligible, he still has failed to be straight foward with the American people – who he is supposed to represent. We have not been given any documentation about this man’s background except for a certificate of live birth, which can be attained by anyone by the way – most commonly by foreigners who move into this country from abroad. Lack of transparency to me is just as bad as being dishonest. The reason this is a big issue is because this is constitutionally required. we are not asking for private information to be disclosed, we are simply looking for tangible documentation that is consistant with the administration’s claims.


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