Yet another International Deal Undermining our Security

One of the key warnings George Washington made during his farewell address on September 26, 1976 was to avoid permanent foreign alliances or treaties. Washington, who was easily one of the most brilliant men in the founding of our nation had an incredible knowledge of how to maintain liberty in this country. I hate to say it but that would include things like the UN. there are many countries that would love to see the destruction of the US and Washington recognized that giving them any kind of leverage in out internal affairs would put the republic seriously in jeopardy. Read more of this post

North Korea: threatening us ships; preparing for launch

According to recent reports North Korea is finishing up preparations for an very controversial missile launch today. What is begining to become a concern is the hostile response the freak president of the country threatening us plan and ship inerests in the area surrounding the country. He has warned the US to leave to area or he some ships and planes will risk being destroyed. This announcement coming in response to the US and Japan’s mobilizatoin in the area in response to this launch and concern that this is a long ranged missile test fire. According to satelite footage they are finishing up fueling and setting up the rocket on the launch pad

The leaders at the G20 summit have collectively warned North Korea that if this does materialize into a long ranged missile test, there will be serious consequences and many lawmakers are strongly supportive of shooting down the rocket when it is launched. A strong united coalition against north korea though is not anticipated since China, a very close ally of north korea’s, has very strong influence in the UN Security Council. The military, which has opted not to say much about the issue in the interest of security, has said that it does not plan to shoot anything down unless it poses a risk to US interests. Concern is rising because according to imagery the scene looks very similar to the last long-ranged missile test they executed in 2006.

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