Boehner’s Budget Deal a Setback for Republicans

This evening we saw a very sad excuse for a short term budget solution at the hands of the John Boehner negotiating table. While the small accomplishment of cutting federal funds for abortions was tied into it, the measly cuts of 39 billion dollars nearly whitewashes it completely. This barely even scratches the surface of what we need to do in order to restore fiscal sanity in the government today. It should be noted that the agreement was yet another temporary extension, but it arguably has given all the democrats need to leverage themselves at the negotiating table when it finally comes to talking about a long term solution. Read more of this post

Where is the Debate on the Budget ?

So It looks like the government hold outs are being made over what really are ludicrously small spending cuts. The 40 Billion dollar shave is barely akin to peeling a part of an Apple’s skin off. I made the point yesterday that if the democrats even want to have a chance at the negotiating table, they need to come prepared. To date we still haven’t seen a single proposal from them, while at the same time every republican solution has been shot down as politically motivated. Nobody’s goal in the republican party is for a shutdown, although it is becoming very apparent that it is becoming the only solution until the left drops the political games. Read more of this post

Government Shutdown: So Who’s Really Responsible?


The debate continues for what is going to be the ultimate solution to our federal budget problem, an issue which arguably began last October when the then Democrat controlled legislature failed to produce a budget for fiscal 2011. In the last couple months, lawmakers have juggled a number of short term continuing resolutions in order to prevent a potential shutdown from taking place as federal funds get cut off. Anyone who looks at this situation objectively would realize the serious need of cuts in spending if the fiscal situation is to be brought under control in the near future. Unfortunately that has not been the rule of the game in Washington, where it has literally been an all out political fist fight over every last dime of federal spending. Read more of this post

Without Significant Budget Cuts, Financial Collapse Looms in Foreseable Future

Isn’t it amazing how every time the republicans try to bring the bills the democrats are aiming to fast track back into the spotlight that they get accused of playing politics? Since when is expressing concern about the financial future of this country comparable to “political games”? The United States is a country that needs to be taken care of. In no way can government officials afford to get compulsive about what it is we supposedly need to be spending. Our economy by the way, has shown no sign off recovery outside of a couple artificial bubbles working their way up through the DOW Jones Industrial Average. Read more of this post

“Health Care to Reduce Deficit,” That’s Nice: Show me!

There are many flaws with the arguments surrounding the pending health reform legislation being promoted by those on the left as we approach the ever so anticipated Sunday vote. Some of which has had to do with lies about quality of care, or assurances that people will be covered. This has all been part of a major campaign to rally support both publicly and more importantly for their cause, in Washington in hopes that this will pass with ease. The problem they run into, is that every poll is now points toward this being an immensely unpopular so-called reform bill. Read more of this post


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