Obama Can’t Keep Track of Which Crisis We are in

Alright someone needs to help me out here. The president came out yesterday in his weekly radio/internet address talking about how we were in a new crisis that he needed congress to act on to help avert. How come the American people never got the word that the first crisis was ever averted? Yea the media launched a campaign trying to convince us that the worst was over, but what does that mean if there are no numbers to back it up. We’ve yet to have any real bounce back to begin with, yet this incredible administration apparently has already averted one crisis and the one in front of us is really a new one. Read more of this post

“Health Care to Reduce Deficit,” That’s Nice: Show me!

There are many flaws with the arguments surrounding the pending health reform legislation being promoted by those on the left as we approach the ever so anticipated Sunday vote. Some of which has had to do with lies about quality of care, or assurances that people will be covered. This has all been part of a major campaign to rally support both publicly and more importantly for their cause, in Washington in hopes that this will pass with ease. The problem they run into, is that every poll is now points toward this being an immensely unpopular so-called reform bill. Read more of this post

Mass. Senate Race becoming National Spotlight

Tensions are high since we are days away from the Massachusetts special election for Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat. It is a race that democrats a few weeks ago thought was in the bag. They are now stuck with a nail-biter as Scott Brown continues to gain in the polls heading down the stretch. Nearly every poll you look at gives Scott Brown at least a slight lead percentage-wise over Coakley and that gap is increasing daily. Read more of this post


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