Bill Clinton Stumps for NY-1 Incumbant Tim Bishop

Dude.. Easy with the Camera

In the long list of celebrity endorsers that have paraded through the campaigns of Senate and Congressional Candidates across the country lies former president Bill Clinton. He has spent the last several years building up a global charity and political campaign in his name and is never hesitant to get his face on a camera in the name of parties he endorses. What is not as surprising is his message. In a day when party politics has been condemned harshly by most Americans, that is exactly what the former scandal-ridden president falls back on in public appearances carefully hand-selected to avoid any kind of real opposition. His talk is not one of honor, it doesn’t call for a re-kindling of the American spirit, but rather simply chastises his opposition in a long tirade of name and blame. It’s rhetoric any one could get from looking up one of his old speeches online. Read more of this post

The Clinton Global Initiative

It’s that time of year again, the “Clinton Global Initiative” that is held each year in the end of September. It is absolutely perverse because it circumvents American ingenuity and in turn presents a message of populism (because Bill Clinton is obsessed with himself) as well as an estranged Marxist undertone as they make the case for furthering a sinister political agenda. This is an event that has the conspiracy theorists clamoring because they view this event as an attempt to weaken the sovereignty of the United States and its standing to the rest of the world. I have to admit there is quite a bit of truth to that for a couple of reasons. First of all, who appointed Bill Clinton to act in this massive foreign relations role that he cloaks as a charity event? Is it not stunning that we have someone who has self-appointed himself to be representing the United States of America, we the American people, to the rest of the world? He’s out there speaking out about all these inequities in the world and almost in a way getting the rest of the world to point fingers as us, completely ignoring the fact that corrupt foreign governments are largely responsible for the suppression of prosperity in other countries. He is vilifying us for our way of life and is sending the message to other nations that if it wasn’t for him and his organization, that America would be nothing but an arrogant and self-centered nation. Now that is quite a claim to level at all the people in our history who fought valiantly to ensure that we have the freedom we enjoy today. It is certainly remarkable how this perverse man can look at himself in the mirror everyday without any sense of shame. How he gets away with it is another issue entirely. Read more of this post

What to make of the Clinton Global Initiative…

If you want an inside scoop at what this administration is up to, take a look at the Clinton Global Initiative conference at somepoint this week. You will see the true colors of a movement that has much deeper roots than anyone in leadership positions of our government today can pretend to have. Their marching orders are coming from a variety of areas including, but not limited to the United Nations. The goal in all of this is to merge the US economy under some universal conglomerate presided by the league of nations.

What does this mean? The Answer is simple… you are watching the sovereignty of the United States continue to be weathered away under the guise of charity for the less fortunate in other countries, saving the planet, and universal health coverage. I love how they try and point out the health care systems in other countries, like Chile, and ask why cant we do the same. It’s almost like they are making the claim that we have a lower standard of living because we don’t offer a blanket government plan courtesy of the paychecks of the American people.

Can people not tell that this is all part of a greater scheme? Do you honestly think that the rest of the world is looking out for our best interests? and if so should we really be taking orders as a society from a foreign government? Leave a comment below with your response…


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