The Pinnacle of Anti-Americanism

Freedom is one of the most powerful tools in this country. Freedom is a rarity in this world and through most of human history. Despite what we have graciously experienced in America, it wasn’t always viewed by people as this entitlement because it required great care and diligence to preserve it. Every memorial day we honor those who fought for it in a very profound way. Read more of this post

The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment

The first amendment battle in this country is starting to become more and more apparent as I observe some of the political discourse in this country. It is imperative that people recognize it’s significance or this will become another right, one of our most important ones,  that dissolves in the front of our eyes.

The impetus toward addressing this topic now is result of the religious freedom attack coming directly from the Barack Obama health care plan who’s HHS mandate directly violates conscience laws of individuals in this country. Read more of this post

Red State Diary: Iowa Caucus makes history, The Field is Changing

The Following article is available in it’s entirety here

Iowa has always had one of the most interesting styles of voting during the nomination process, and the attention it gets each election cycle is remarkable. We spend months leading up to the race with our heads spinning over which polls to trust and who’s the front runner at the moment the news feeds last updated. However, until this point, no meaningful votes are actually cast. Read more of this post

Republican Primary, Crunchtime and How this all matches up to Barack Obama

The back and forth in the polls during this republican primary races has been incredible during the last 6 months. We’ve seen a variety of front runners, many of whom seemed to be convincing leaders at the time, but we’re still trying to digest what the real substance of our movement will end up being. The choices aren’t actually brilliant. We sit on the cusp of one of the most important elections of our time and we don’t have a united message. That could be a potentially major problem in the weeks to come. Read more of this post

What’s up with the Catholic Church?

There seems to be this move among the occupy wall street ensemble out there to justify their own cause by trying to tie Christianity into the movement, namely through surmising what Jesus would have done. Before I addressed anything else, I want to say bluntly that I find any attempt associate the Son of God with this is disgustingly repulsive. It’s very clear in the Gospel message that Jesus made a point avoid an association with political authority of any sort because as he put it “his kingdom is not of this world.” Faith is an individual thing, and Jesus defied the expectation of the masses from the very beginning. He made his entrance into the world in the most humble of ways and grew up in the family of a carpenter. Read more of this post


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