Devil’s Advocate? Maybe Not..Bill’s View on the Abortion Issue

Devil’s advocate? Maybe not..Depends on your viewpoint I suppose. I was reading Ryan’s article on this issue tonight and I felt like I might need to follow suit in clarifying my position on this whole Abortion issue and lay it to rest. First and foremost, I am against Abortion and I agree with Herman Cain’s actual stance on it! I believe in the sanctity of life, I am a father of two boys that I love dearly!  I am also against any Federal “Law of the Land” imposing that it’s legal and funding it but I better clear my stance up on this cause I don’t want anyone getting confused… Read more of this post

Clarifying my position on the Abortion Controversy

Those of you who were listening to the show on Thursday night heard us address the topic of abortion connected with Herman Cain’s fumble earlier this week in an interview on FNC. If we had a show tonight, I probably would not have done a writeup on this but I felt compelled to address something about my own personal beliefs, that does not necessarily reflect the views of others on the program. Read more of this post

Abortion and Health Care – Why is this an issue?

Watching our lawmakers debate over health care has been almost as entertaining as me trying to pull hair out of my head. It is has turned into nothing more than single issue and special interest gabble over nothing. No one in congress gets it. With the exception of a few minor details most of them are all playing along like this has passed. As someone who is avidly opposed to abortion, I still sit in stunned amazement at all of the representatives who sit there arguing over abortion language in the health care bill like that is the only problem they have with the entire bill.

It’s quite a message that is sent when I see the number of people who are only opposed to the bill because of that one single issue, almost like they’ve sold out on the entire rest of the bill. Not to mention the fact that the Stupak language isn’t even included in the Senate version of the bill. It was used as a way of getting the bill through congress, although never intended to actually become part of the finalized bill.

Let me make this clear I will never support abortion, but there is so much more to this thing that must also be opposed. There is nothing in the entire bill that improves anyone’s quality of care. This is about the Unions, and those who supported the president in his campaign. If you read the bill its unbelievable how much is left to the discretion of the health commissioner. Loophole after loophole, The bill is an absolute disaster.

The democrats sit and bask in the cost of the bill and how it will actually reduce the deficit over the next ten-years. It’s very simple math to determine how they figure that. New taxes to cover the cost of the bill will begin immediately after the bill is signed. They will not begin dispensing benefits until 4 years later. They are figuring their numbers with 6 years of payout and 10 years of tax collecting. Extrapolate that to a period in which the payout and tax collecting go on concurrently for the entire ten year period. That savings turns into a substantial loss. This is absolute buggery by our government and the people are going to be left powerless in its wake if the passage of this bill is not stopped.

You need to keep this in mind – our government owes 105 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities! A September post in the American Thinker lays this out very clearly:

 Our unfunded liabilities far exceed our assets. Adding up all unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Government sponsored pension funds gives us a figure slightly in excess of  $100 TRILLION dollars. That’s TRILLION with a ‘T’. The Federal budget deficit for fiscal 2009 will be approximately $1.84 TRILLION. That’s TRILLION with a ‘T’. Over the next ten years the projected deficit will be $9 TRILLION +. That’s $100,000,000,000,000.00 — TRILLION with a ‘T’. Of course, this projected deficit comes from the Congressional Budget Office and has to be considered a conservative estimate. In 1966 the feds estimated that the cost of the Medicare program by 1990 would be approximately $9 billion dollars/year; the actual cost was $67 billion dollars/year.

This is an incredibly perilous and unsustainable path. This country is being driven into the ground and if a stop isn’t put to this soon, there won’t be a country left. You wonder why I’m upset that Abortion is the only thing people are bringing up. Not that it isn’t a noble issue, but its a far cry from where this bill needs to be – in the shredder.

Killing of George Tiller, likely to bring backlash to pro-life movement

Over the Weekend a notable late-term abortion practician was shot in a Lutheran church in Witchitaw, Kansas. The man has spent years performing thousands of these murders ofalmost fully developed babies because women rejected the children they were carrying and seaked an easy way out. While the murder of this man was wrong and I do not condone the actions of the gunman, his death does not come to me as tragic. This man has murdered so many innocent lives through some of the most heinous procedures someone could think up. Unfortunately, This issue will be brought up by the abortion crowd as an example of of the disregard the pro-life movement has for life.

We all remember the document released by the department of homeland security right around the time of the tax day tea parties. It warned that right wing extremists could stem from a category of people dedicated to single issues such as opposition to abortion or immigration. This killing will be used as another example of the potential radical nature of people who oppose abortion. Essentially you can say that all pro-life people will be considered guilty by the left over this one murder of a doctor who has murdered thousands of human beings, the most defenseless people in society. The right wing movement in general will be portrayed as provacative of violence against anyone who opposes them.

Many people try to characterize this person as a good, kind hearted and a beacon on the issue of women’s rights. They can attach anything they want to him but it cannot hide the fact that this man has murdered thousands of children. If he is such an advocate for womens rights then where was his compassion for the female babies he has killed. The bottom line is this is not out of compassion for anyone. This has been a moral issue that has been turned into a political issue. The fact is the many woman suffer incredible emotional distress following an abortion procedure some point down the line in life. Also, this procedure increases the risk of health problems in women because it involves the extreme interruption of the natural processes that a woman goes through during a pregnancy.

Political leaders will also use this incident as another excuse to push national gun-control legislation, a direct violation of our second ammendment rights. Gun restrictions has been an issue the left has been pushing for a very long time. It’s an easy one to convince people on because many get the impression that this will disarm our criminals. Unfortunately, the converse is true. These restrictions will disarm the public but it targets the wrong people. The streets will become a safe-haven for criminals. Law-abiding citizens will be defensless to armed criminals who will have access to guns on the black market – they are not interested in following the law so law will not stop them.

George Tiller’s murder was exactly what the left needed to scape goat the conservative movement once again and continue to push their agenda on gun control. We need to do what we can to distance ourselves from the gunman but remember that Tiller pushed forth an evil agenda that should not be overlooked. Many would make the arguement that perhaps this man deserved the death he was given. My stance as a Catholic is that the state of someone’s conscience is not for me to decide. As much as I have contempt for what this man has done, the killing of him was not justified and it reaffirms Janet Napoletano’s claim that pro-life people need to be ‘watched.’ It is our jobs to lead by example while continue to condemn the acts of murdering children – which is exactly what abortion is.

Obama lashing out at Conservatives Again

Sunday was the Obama commencement address at Notre Dame Unvisersity. Seeing as it was a Catholic college, both the president and the university took a lot of heat from conservatives who took offense to Obama’s positions on moral issues including abortion and stem cell research. The president took it on himself to then make abortion and stem cell research major topic of his address and he did so in a rather disturbing way.

 He began by saying that we are all members of a vibrant and varied democracy and that we should all be fighting for what we consider right. That nuetral statement to me comes off as very divisive. First of all, I don’t know what a vibrant and varied democracy even means. I guess he’s trying to indirectly make another diversity argument. Secondly If we are all supposed to be standing up and fighting for what we consider right than that puts man as the deciding factor on issues involving morality. Morals are rooted in a higher supernatural authority and is not determined by us as individuals.

 As if that was bad enough, Obama moved on to his attack on those who opposed his positions on life. In an attempt to try to downplay his avid support of abortion he said that the decision for a woman to have an abortion is a very difficult and heart-wrenching one saying that a woman struggles with this decision and she doesn’t take it lightly. Well that’s just fine but it does not justify the act of killing an innocent child. Obama encouraged us all to work together and hold hands to limit the number of unintended pregnancies and make adoption more available. That is a meaningess statement and does not change my position. First of all Obama, by allowing 17 year-olds access to the morning after pill without parental knowledge, you are encouraging them to engage in risky behavior that could increase unintended pregnacies. Also, the reason adoptions are as difficult as they are is because we want to make sure we are putting them into the care of good families.

 Obama wasn’t done there. He next lashed out on the stem cell issue likening us who oppose embyonic stemcell research to people who are opposed to finding cures to chronic diseases like juvenile diabetes. Well thats simply not true. This decision to federally fund this research more fully again was not done in care of the American people. We have never had any success with embryonic stemcells all evidence points towards adult stem cells as being the most viable option and also the most humane because it does not require the destruction of an embryo.

 The essence of this speech targeted pro-life people by saying that we need to stop defaming the opposition. Im not wuite sure where that came from but its been left open for interpretation. We need to watch our speech and stick to fair minded words. We wouldn’t come across as extremist. I feel bad for people who had to have their wonderful commencement ceremony ruined by such a politically charged and caustic speech. You can tell the protesters got to him . Obama can’t take much criticism without it tremendously effecting his performance in a speech and its obvious he lost his composure toward us right wing extremists.


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