Economic takeover Passes in Most Disgraced Congress in US History

What we have witnessed in the last 24 hours has given America a terrifying wake-up call to what this country has become because we foolishly as a citizenry granted the progressive movement unchecked power in all three branches of government. This move, aside from being unconstitutional and cowardly stands in bold defiance to the will of the American people, whom employ every single one of these representatives. They knew they could not legitimately get this bill through after the American people in MASSACHUSETTS  of all states defeated the democrat Martha Coakley for what they would like to call an “anti-reform extremist.” If you noticed, in the title of the post I did not call it health reform, but rather an economic takeover. That is a more accurate way to describe this legislation because it does not do anything to improve our system today. Read more of this post


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