With Osama Bin Laden gone, This is the Start of a New Era

It was evening not far from a military complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan on Sunday, May 1st. A lone IT consultant named Sohaib Athar was trying to get to sleep after a long day of work when he suddenly became disturbed by the thumping sounds of propellers from helicopters above. Little did he know he was witnessing one of the most momentous occasions in the history of the world. A covert operation known not even by our closest allies was being carried out by the highest of high profile US troops that involved the assassination of the father of all terrorists, Osama Bin Laden. This ended a multi-decade long hunt for a man that began under the Bill Clinton presidency, was accelerated under the Bush presidency in the days following the 9/11 attack and has now concluded during the Obama White House. Read more of this post

NYC Gitmo Trials, What’s the risk?

Khalid Sheik Mohammed is among 5 terror suspects in connection with 9/11 that will be due for trial for New York in the near future in a Civilian court, a move that many Americans are finding quite controversial. This issue may play a major factor in the outcome of the midterm elections next year in light of recent polls that have been released. Only 29% of Americans approve of the president’s decision. Those who oppose it, which is clearly more than half do for good reason. The consequence of putting these terrorists into civilian courts is the much more strict constitutional guidelines that subsequently take effect.

Now the administration has come and is promising Americans that these people will be brought to justice and will not be released onto America soil in the off-chance they are acquitted. We’ll unfortunately we saw in a 2007 Appeals court ruling that indefinite detainment of Terrorists legally on American soil is not allowed. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri was ordered to be released by the court during the Bush administration because since he was being detained on American soil, constitutional law then applied. This is overlooked but will acts as a strong precedent because of its proximity in history to this event.

How can we trust then that there is not a risk of this happening again with the detainees being brought in to be tried in civilian courts?

The answer is, We can’t. There is concern being raised that they might be released on technically. Now although this is seemingly very unlikely, let’s take a look at a couple different routes defense attorneys could go about arguing that point. Since the constitution applies, they could bring up the grievances on the fact that Mohammed was detained for 6 years which stands in violation of the rules for a fair trial. They could also contend the likelihood that they could actually assemble an impartial jury. Now, depending on how receptive the judge is of those arguments will be a major player in the outcome of that trial, but it’s definitely something to watch.

The idea that these people who have been detained for war crimes against this county would be given civilian constitutional rights is an abomination against our constitution. It is unprecedented in history. If you weigh in the absolute atrocities being committed against our troops overseas today, its amazing to think that we’d even consider returning any kind of favor to them. Not to mention the fact that these people have openly professed that they would return to their militant ways upon release because they think they are religiously driven. You can’t change them, so it’s ludicrous to undergo that kind of risk.

9/11 is just around the Corner… have you forgotten?

Here we stand, one week before the 8th anniversary of the most heinous acts of terror our country has ever seen. Have you forgotten that day? Unfotunately too many people in American have – especially among our elected representetives. This solomn day was not meant to be forgotten, though. I can recall in the days and months following these attacks, which hit very close to home for me, people waving banners and signs that read “never forget.” I remember in light of those darkest hours America came together as a community. We saw an emormous wave of patriotism overtake the nation. People started going back to church again. It was almost like something was woken up in this country that we hadn’t seen in a long time. Now, eight years later, how much has changed for the better, how many still remember that day. I’m afraid to say not too many.

If our president had it his way, 9/11 would be relegated to the level of what he calls “a day of activism.” He wants to politicize the day by making the day a “national day of service.” Where does this play in remembering those who died in such a horrific manner. To show you the respect that this administration has for 9/11 all I have to do is point out a quote from Joe Biden on the day of the attacks when we learned that it may have been Islamic Terrorists who perpetrated the attacks or.. I’m sorry should I be calling them “human caused disasters”??? Joe Biden told us this “let’s not jump to conclusions” on a day when 4 planes crashed all of them hijacked and ultimately killing over 3000 people. That’s the best thing our current vice president could come up with then.

I haven’t forgotten about Obama and all the great work he’s done. He’s the one out there pandering to the muslim community. We referenced us as not only not a christian nation but that we were the “largest muslim country in the world taking into account population.” If that wasn’t bad enough he appointed an absolute radical as his green jobs czar. A man who has blamed George Bush and US imperialism for 9/11, not to mention all of his connections with militant groups. It’s clear that Obama is lookin to draw our attention away from the meaning of 9/11 and trying to turn it into something else, which is really despicable.

9/11 for me will truly be an emotional day. I hope you join me as well as a number of other wonderful americans on Damned Conservatives September 11, at 11:30 PM eastern for a very solomn rememberance of what our country went through on that horrific day. We will recount the events from the very begining of the day straigh on through and you will hear actual footage from the events including the last moments of some of the victims. Callers will also share their stories on air. We as Americans can never forget what happened on that horrible day and we wont let polticians belittle or politicize the day either.



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