About: Bill McMicheals- “The Rantmaster”

The current “Rantmaster” of The American Beacon Radio show is NOT necessarily your typical conservative talk show guy. He’s happily married & a proud father of 3 boys with ages ranging from 15, 13 and 6 months as of this posting.A proud advocate for Autism awareness,One of his son’s has a form of Asperger’s.

Bill is also known in the Indy Pro Wrestling world by the same name as a color commentator and other various positions for many years (No he’s no “rassler”).

Bill started his “Ranting’ over 10 years ago on BlogTalkRadio hosting Political Rant U.S.A., A late-night talk show that was at the top of the listings not only in his timeslot but in the top 5 listings in the Politics category.

His style was direct,to the point and very controversial which at times had him with odd’s with other various hosts. Very opinionated, even hard headed at times, He still continued with his program and later merged with fellow BTR hosts Ryan “Genevese” Gallagher, William S. English and other guest hosts on “The Damned Conservatives” show on BTR which incorporated a more sarcastic and comical look on the news of the day and liberalism itself. The show was a hit and the trio continued on for sometime until leaving BTR for “Less Java Script Error’s” as Bill says.

He was grateful for the good and bad times. He made many friends and some enemies sometimes by his own admission “hardheadedness”.

He hopes those bad times have become water under the bridge, ALL LESSONS LEARNED. No need for names.

He later joined with Ryan to Co-Host and Produce The American Beacon Radio Show,Heard Live and replay on FGRN.net and the show page. He also contributes to the website as well as our Twitter and Facebook page.

Bill is still stubborn but a little bit calmer, Dealing “only with the facts” and tries his best to make sure the facts aren’t “distortions”. He’s well known for calling out Republicans on things just as quick as he will Democrats.

He considers himself a Constitutional Conservative and is registered as a “Non-Affiliated” voter in the state of North Carolina. That also makes him a target for being a “domestic enemy”, Just ask any liberal.

A quick rundown on some of Bill’s “Belief’s”:

1: Obama is a American Citizen that posed as a Foreign Exchange student to get scholarships,Grants and special treatment for educational purposes,Like admission with low grades in high academic institutions which explains why his school records are sealed.

2: Audit the Federal Reserve NOW!

3: America should go back to a “Gold Standard” with extra provisions like gems,silver and other precious metals backing our currency.

4: Socialism is the stepping stone to Communism,Period!

5: The Main Stream Media (MSM) is “Full of it” and he will continue to help expose it.

6: Has nothing against Food Stamps,Medicare/Medicaid, etc. as long as you are here legally,Trying for real,Elderly,Disabled or a Veteran. Otherwise, You’re the problem!

7: That the 2nd amendment shall not be infringed. the whole Constitution in it’s current form for that matter.

8: That Michelle Obama needs to practice what she preaches and keep out of his and his kids lunchboxes and school cafeteria.

9: You have a right to pursue happiness but not on his dime or his grandchildren’s dollar,Whenever he has any.

10: Prove him wrong by showing real facts.Otherwise, You are probably wrong and make sure your facts are facts, Double check everything cause we guarantee he will, Regardless who you are!

These are just some thing’s about Bill, To know more,Just send him an email.

BTW: He hates “Tater Wedge” issues like “Gay Marriage” (For or Against). There is more important things to worry about, It’s a State issue in his opinion.

All complaints are to be sent to Ryan via our contact page.

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