A Sad Day For Conservatism

It’s with great regret that I have to announce the removal of Breitbart News from our blogroll. Anyone who’s followed us knows that for years the standard bearer of decency in the conservative movement was Andrew Breitbart. He actively fought every day for what he/we believed in and he did so with one motivation: the truth. For years his websites, under his guidance, remained on the cutting edge of the new media, to the point where he was literally driving the news cycle. Read more of this post

Courting the Presidency

If there’s nothing else we’ve learned since the 2008 election cycle it’s the fact that crises inspire the masses to act. Oftentimes that action is knee-jerk rather than rational, but when the public feels a pinch there is almost always a call for action.

The recession in 2008 paved the way for vast waves of legislation sold as economic stimulus. Increased taxes dumped loads of federal funding into manufactured economic ‘projects.’ In 2012, a tragic massacre in Newtown, CT, inspired a wave of radical gun restrictions – once again a crisis tricked people into thinking that more government would work.

The sad thing about all this is, there have been major short fallings from the liberal side of the aisle too, yet for some reason they continued to win the significant PR battles. The most glaring case was the flat out miscarriage of national security in the Benghazi killings. Some of us spoke out, but the narrative got turned against us.

Crises cause people to act, but not necessarily the right way.

As I write to you now, the republican party in in crisis. This is a republican party that was and is our last best hope for restoring our constitutional republic. The lack of backbone in the party has threatened to fracture the conservative majority in this country and keep the big government politicians in power. Part of this is that clearly many republicans are in fact big government politicians. Coming from the party who stormed into the majority in both congress and the senate a year ago, the entire premise of their campaigns was a lie. John Boehner fed republican voters the lie that they were going to finally stand up to Barack Obama – that they were finally going to undo the damage that the disastrous and sweeping health care reforms have caused this nation. They did none of that. Many times they even voted to give Obama, the president, more power so he didn’t need the legislature to push his agenda. This is a terrible situation and a lot of people are very angry.

Enter Donald Trump.

We’ve seen him before, he got his name out there by running for president in 2012. He’s doing it again, with more name recognition this time – I’m trying to figure out what this means. One of the primere conservative voices during that first election cycle warned us about the dangers of “celebrity candidates”. Andrew Breitbart points out that we need a strong conservative republican with values or we will end up with a celebrity candidate and the end result will not be pretty. Of course we know Barack Obama was a celebrity candidate. I’m mildly concerned that Donald Trump may be one too. A different kind, they obviously don’t support the same things. It’d be stupid to believe that a Trump presidency would be worse than Obama’s because clearly that’s not the case. I’m not so sure that we can’t do better than him however.

I’m willing to entertain the story that Trump has had a change of heart. Ronald Reagan didn’t exactly begin his journey as a conservative but he discovered it as life went on. Trump, was clearly a liberal in the past, and during the last six years or so he’s significantly changed his tune. Let’s take for example Donald Trump’s newfound public love of Christianity. He has a very non-specific love of the bible. He’ll tell you he loves the book, but doesn’t apparently know much about it. Side note: I don’t think it matters that much the religion of our president, but if he’s going to say the Bible is great I want to know that he’s saying that because he really thinks that way – rather than just trying to make me happy.

I’m not trying to bash Trump. The most important takeaway at this stage in the primary is that this is the primary season. This is the time when we explore which candidate will suit us best. There is still more time to learn – listen to them talk and debate, and remember it’s never wrong to ask questions. Someone like Dr. Ben Carson might stand out for his smarts and dedication to principle, and someone like Trump might stand out for his willingness to stand up to the media and to the other politicians out there and express himself with an emotion level that many have reached due to years of failed policies. That’s why I say sit back, and support who you think the best republican candidate is going forward.

As long as it’s not Jeb Bush, you’re not a moron.

The Challenge of Liberty in a Low Education Regime

People are passionate about what they believe. Anytime you have a discussion with other people about something near and dear to their hearts, emotions are going to become part of that discussion. For some people those emotions are contained, for others significantly less so. It’s critical to understand this in the context of our political landscape though because there exist very strong disagreements among what is right or wrong in America and about America. Read more of this post

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I can’t think of a more quintessentially American sport in the modern day than football. When the Super Bowl is on during the year, it has the undivided attention of more people in this country than any other sporting event. As a result, it has become a wildly commercialized event. The halftime show, the commercials – all the non-football, pop culture related things that surround the game and make it so different.  Read more of this post