The Ecclesiastical manifestation of Grace and Hardship

It’s one thing to preach the mitigation of poverty and hardship, it’s another thing entirely to walk that walk yourself. Pope Francis knows that life. He grew up in it, and he wants to reach out in the best way possible to those kind of people. We see countless examples in the gospel of Jesus doing that. If we humbly and imperfectly try to do the same for others, there is a good to be achieved.  Read more of this post

Noah: Serpent Good, Creator Evil

I’m not sure if the fact the movie “Noah” opened on the weekend closest to April 1st would make it qualify as the greatest cinematic April fools prank in history. Either way it fooled a disproportionately large amount of people into thinking this was an artistically licensed telling of a well known biblical story.  Read more of this post

Connecticut Government Silent in Face of Grave Human Right’s Crisis

Is it possible for a government in the United States of America to flagrantly steal more than a year of someone’s childhood? I certainly never thought it possible. Justina Pelletier had a mitochondrial disease diagnosis she was seeking treatment for as Tuft’s university medical center. Read more of this post

The Never-Ending Battle Vs. Racism

It’s amazing how much racial conflict the left wing in this country continues to ignite. Most of us have moved on. most of us can look at all people with the same love. Not here in Danbury, CT – or many other cities for that matter. There’s a hatred that really can be sensed here that I can’t say I’ve ever felt for another person myself – not directed at me per say, I’m talking about things I hear come up in conversations.

Outside the court house I hear this women yelling on the street yelling to someone through a car window. “call our lawyer I got a BLACK judge who will listen to us… a BLACK one!!!” Read more of this post

When are We Truly Doing the Work We are Called to Do?

A new change in my church services in the last couple years had to do with the way in which we ended a service. The presider for the longest time would say “our mass is ended, go in peace..” Now, however the last words of the service are “go in peace to love and serve the lord.” The one thing I love about the church services I attend is that if you pay close enough attention, every single thing we do is directly connected to our faith as it has been spelled out in scripture and what we believe about our worship of God. We no longer declare the end of our prayer because God is outside of time. We no longer declare an end our worship because the devotion to God is an eternal one. We don’t stop being people of faith the moment we leave our churches, in fact, that is where our real assignment begins. Read more of this post