The Pinnacle of Anti-Americanism

Freedom is one of the most powerful tools in this country. Freedom is a rarity in this world and through most of human history. Despite what we have graciously experienced in America, it wasn’t always viewed by people as this entitlement because it required great care and diligence to preserve it. Every memorial day we honor those who fought for it in a very profound way. Read more of this post

With Osama Bin Laden gone, This is the Start of a New Era

It was evening not far from a military complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan on Sunday, May 1st. A lone IT consultant named Sohaib Athar was trying to get to sleep after a long day of work when he suddenly became disturbed by the thumping sounds of propellers from helicopters above. Little did he know he was witnessing one of the most momentous occasions in the history of the world. A covert operation known not even by our closest allies was being carried out by the highest of high profile US troops that involved the assassination of the father of all terrorists, Osama Bin Laden. This ended a multi-decade long hunt for a man that began under the Bill Clinton presidency, was accelerated under the Bush presidency in the days following the 9/11 attack and has now concluded during the Obama White House. Read more of this post

A New Ploy For More Bureaucracy

As predicted from day 1, every single one of the environmentalist agenda’s wildest dreams will start being enacted under the guise of the Obama administration’s new-found crisis – the deepwater horizon oil spill. In a conspicuously timed report, we have a new estimate as to how much oil is gushing out of what is left of the opening to the oil rig. The Washington Times says estimates of up to 2.52 million gallons a day are gushing into the pristine gulf environment, which is now largely mired in thousands of square miles of surface sludge, and there’s still not much of an end in sight for the ailing local communities. Read more of this post

Nick Jonas – Refreshing Message on Memorial Day

Now I don’t normally follow a lot of what’s going on in the pop world, but a recent twitter update I saw before the program went on air last night really struck me as something I wanted to highlight. We are in a time today where so many people would even give proper deference to our troops who sacrifice so much simply so the rest of us can enjoy the amazing freedom we have in this country. This experiment of individual liberty was not tried before in the world until our founders began the construct of the country we have today. The least we can do is give credit to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice regardless of political background because we need to come to the realization that politics in the end is not what is going to make us better people. Read more of this post


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