Healing from the Political Scourges in Orlando’s wake

Here we are in America with flags flying half staff again because of terrorist mass murder of innocents on our own soil. It’s a scene we’re becoming too accustomed to in this great nation. For much of our recent past America has lead the world on human rights, liberty, and economic opportunity. The last two decades have been unacceptable, and no American should stand for it. We have a president complicit with terrorism being our norm, and it’s time for a change. If you cannot, with conviction, acknowledge the dangers Islamism poses to western civilization, it’s time to go.  Read more of this post

The Next American President will Inherit an Absolute Mess

We have had some sobering times in politics lately. The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium highlight a desperate need for leadership and resolve in the fight on terror. A couple things really stand out as once again the question of security as it pertains to public safety has once again become a glaring question.  Read more of this post

The Pinnacle of Anti-Americanism

Freedom is one of the most powerful tools in this country. Freedom is a rarity in this world and through most of human history. Despite what we have graciously experienced in America, it wasn’t always viewed by people as this entitlement because it required great care and diligence to preserve it. Every memorial day we honor those who fought for it in a very profound way. Read more of this post

“Peaceful” acts of drunken humor from the Occupiers…REALLY?? (Video)

Just a humorous, small, insignificant piece of a lit-drop, Man! For REAL ,Dude!

This from the NY Daily News live blog on Occupy Wall Street:


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Whiney Turncoats and Scaredy Cat’s Running Amuck

Yea, It’s been one of those weeks. Let me first say to Jesse Ventura: “You Sir are a DUMBASS”! Please get yourself some better legal advice next time you want to sue the Government. Hell, Even I know that this case had to be presented to an appeals court! He’s so mad about it being tossed out He says ” I am never going to stand up for the National Anthem again” and He also stated (per the link ) He wanted to “Run for President so He could change the rules” then went on to say “I am thinking about getting duel citizenship in Mexico so I can spend more time in Mexico”..Umm, Go ahead and do that, Jess! Please, Please do that and then try to run for President. Read more of this post