Episode 44: Barack Obama’s “Distractions”

Barack Obama’s presidential race surrounds one basic tenant: distractions. It doesn’t matter what solutions republicans put on the table, it’s radical and we can’t even engage it. Obama knows what to do – we need the Buffet rule and all will be saved. Warren Buffet, the 1 billion dollar tax evader is the poster child for the rich not paying more? Hey Obama you wouldn’t be one to owe money in taxes yourself would you? Oh I guess we better not look into that one! That would be weird!!!

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America’s Future: Is Mitt Romney Really it?

I understand we need to unite to defeat Barack Obama, but isn’t the lesser of two evils mentality the reason Ronald Reagan remains the only republican candidate in recent years that has successfully unseated an incumbent president? Principles and values wins every day. When there is so much evidence that Mitt Romney doesn’t not aspire to those truths, I think there is room for legitimate concern. Maybe Romney is who we are left with, but I personally think we can and need to do better than that.

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The Intellectual Dark Ages – US Government Edition

Nancy Pelosi believes you can too! The great liberating work of Obamacare has finally given you the freedom to quit your job and become an artist! All you have to do is let your boss know tomorrow. It’s never been permitted until now. Dick Durbin also has a great idea – let’s hold hearings on the NFL – because if they acted like that in real life they’d be breaking the law. The Republican front runner just made the Etch-a-Sketch stock skyrocket – tune in to find out why!

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Conservatism in 2012 – Defeating Obama

It should be considered a sobering wake-up call to see republicans falling below the positive intensity scores of a John McCain nomination in 2008. President Obama, arguably the weakest president with the weakest record has a rather uninspiring series of republican candidates going against him. The most conservative candidate is the one who having the most trouble – but is also polling the best against Obama according to quite a few sources.

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The Media’s War on Freedom

It’s hard to have the patience anymore put up with the majority of the information that is emitted by the mainstream media complex in this country. We have a double standard that has manifested itself to the point of absurdity as it has to do with how conservatives are viewed versus the blind eye to the radical left.

When Rush Limbaugh misstates something once, he immediately becomes a misogynist, but when the Reverend Al Charpton makes a career out of it he gets a prime-time show on msnbc to lecture the nation about racial unity and tolerance. Read more of this post


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