‘Truth Team’ rushes to throw ‘Obama Phone’ woman under bus

Nothing else to say but HAHHAHAHAHA!

Review: Michael Vey 2 – by Richard Paul Evans

The Victory in Pasadena was not without consequence. Michael and his friends may have escaped the grip of the Elgen group for a time, but his mother was still trapped at any one of dozens of Starxource facilities across the globe. The mission: avoid being caught, find where his mother is being held and save her. The overwhelming task demands friendship, immense self-sacrifice, teamwork, and courage.

Part 2 of the series picks up with a significantly darker and more global plot. It’s a thrilling read that will keep you turning the pages.


Episode 50 – The American Beacon Radio Show Francois Edition

We all know those French. Yes they made another great series of decisions. The socialism case study watch is in effect. May all ye learn the effects of it before it’s too late to do something about it here!

By the way – if you are concerned about the future of this country from a conservative stand point – you will be holding your nose and voting for Mitt Romney in the general election. If you happen to not be in that bunker because you are less than satisfied with the choice at hand, first of all you should have done your job in the primary and secondly in the storied words of the late Andrew Breitbart: “more than shame on you, your on the other side!”

Listen to the show here

The Episode of the 4/20 Ghost – Operation: Media Matters Takedown

Media Matters, The Occupy Movement, Earth Day, Hippie Hill all make a day bizarre. The most unopenly transparent force in the world, the radical left, will not stand to be ridiculed. Fortunately, however, the Tea Party has someone like Allen West who won’t shy away from doubling down on his comments labeling the left exactly what they are: radicals. Wouldn’t he be a great vice president? I sure think so myself!!!

Listen in!

Mitt Romney in his own Words!

Last night we featured an incredibly important clip on the radio show of Mitt Romney. If you truly believe that analyzing a candidate’s record is an important thing, then you have to actually do it. I don’t care whether they did something at the state level or the federal level if it’s wrong it’s wrong, regardless of the format. Read more of this post