The Next American President will Inherit an Absolute Mess

We have had some sobering times in politics lately. The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium highlight a desperate need for leadership and resolve in the fight on terror. A couple things really stand out as once again the question of security as it pertains to public safety has once again become a glaring question.  Read more of this post

Bill’s 2 Cents: O-Man at the UN, Islam,The Middle East and rhetorical responses- Part 2

As I eluded to yesterday, There is alot more to discuss when it comes to O-Man,The UN and the rest of it.. Read more of this post

Bill’s 2 Cents: O-Man at the UN, Islam,The Middle East and rhetorical responses

It’s been a while since I posted anything much less wrote on the website…

As you know, Obama (Which I call him O-Man) was at the UN Tuesday speaking to the general assembly at a conference. He spoke about the recent events in Libya,Egypt and all across the Middle East. Needless to say it seemed alright but not alot of “meat” to it when it comes to the death’s of our fellow Americans that we lost on 9/11 2012. Not to mention the blaming of something that had nothing to do with why it happened and them trying to cover it up. Read more of this post

Israel and Iran Situation Reaching a Critical Point

It’s no secret that Barack Obama’s Iran policy has been less than satisfactory. Netanyahu meetings on the subject have never exactly been a priority. Our historical and most loyal ally has been left wondering at times what side we would be on if it got to a point where they needed to strike. In all of this mess there lies one, unchanging and very serious fact: a nuclear Iran is a danger to the stability of the entire world. A highly radicalized version of Islam festers in the very center of that totalitarian dictatorship, and it’s aim is the annihilation of Israel. Given the great steps Iran has made in the direction of acquiring nuclear capabilities, that is a threat which cannot be understated. Read more of this post

The Choice is Very Clear

There is nothing that puts a more emboldened stamp on the differences we have in this election than the anniversary of 9/11; because on that day we saw not only the absolute worst of humanity, but we also witnessed the best of humanity. There is nothing more noble than the immense sacrifice people are willing to make for each other in times where what it means to be an American is tested in such a profound way. It is the incredible resilience of so many heroes that have forged our way back to where we stand today. It is no thanks in any way to President Obama or his minions. Read more of this post