Editorial: Takeway From Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

As a weather enthusiast, and soon to be meteorologist, one of the things I take great care in is the protection of life. It’s a reason I got into this field. I love nature. I am in awe of its power and beauty, and I have a profound respect for its capabilities, as we all should. Read more of this post

Archive Video – Hurricane Sandy’s Winds

Northeast Pounded by Snow Storm

Hello and Good Monday to all of the blog Readers. Today’s post not political but informative. I, in my Long Island location have some weather related details to report as over a foot of snow has been delivered to the area. The storm crippled travel all over the region for quite some time. Its begining to wind down areas south and west of New York City and will continue to do so in the city for the new couple of hours. Today, the further north and east you go the worse travel will be during the day as the storm pulls away from the coast this afternoon. This is the first time I have seen snow bring this area to a standstill in quite some time. Yes folks, March has certainly roared in like a lion. Conditions across the northeast will moderate substantially by the end of the week. Be good out there and maybe I’ll have a video post every once in a while! Enjoy the photos and have a great day