Editorial: Takeway From Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

As a weather enthusiast, and soon to be meteorologist, one of the things I take great care in is the protection of life. It’s a reason I got into this field. I love nature. I am in awe of its power and beauty, and I have a profound respect for its capabilities, as we all should. Read more of this post

Archive Video – Hurricane Sandy’s Winds

NYC residents angry at OWS: “They are defecating on our doorsteps!” | The Right Scoop

The Constitution of the United States gives citizens the right to peaceably assemble, to protest, to redress grievances against government among many things. The whole idea from our founders stems from a strong inclination toward individual liberty.

A person’s freedom however does not extend to a point in which it infringes on the freedom of another individual. That’s where the idea of a limited government comes in, as a way of enforcing laws to preserve an individual’s rights. Read more of this post

Barack Obama plays politics with Texas fires

New day, same garbage. It’s no secret that the State of Texas has been in a lengthy drought, and as a result there have been some terrible fires that have broken out. President Obama saw fit to launch an attack  about it today at Texas Governor Rick Perry. Read more of this post

Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly Drop the Ball Bigtime on Irene Commentary

I noticed some disturbing criticism when it comes to the forecasting and subsequent coverage in the days leading up to Irene from some prominent media members. Bill O’Reilly did a smear segment on his TV show and posted a poll on his facebook page about the credibility of the way Irene was presented in the media. For some reason America is now fixating on this idea that the storm was somehow “overhyped.” We also had a similar charge from Mark Levin, which originated on Friday. Read more of this post


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