Small Town Values in a Big City World

Small towns take the heaviest toll when governments are fiscally irresponsible. Governments take them for granted. Small populations mean there are fewer votes available to the governing elite. This is a pathway to their disenfranchisement. As the size of the central government increases and the power of the purse is used more and more to secure votes, small towns cease to matter.  Read more of this post

The Rise of Radical Progressivism

One of the things that we’ve always tried to do during the last years is paint of picture of how we envision an America of the future – that is our goals and aspirations for this country and its people. At the risk of sounding cliched, my approach continues to be rooted in the belief that our best days are ahead of us.  Freedom and prosperity is still attainable and the constitution is the blue print for that success.  Read more of this post

Mayor Bloomberg’s Large Soda Ban Disproportionally Hurts Small Bussinesses

Many of you thought Mayor Bloomberg had the power to ban the sales of all large sodas within the limits of New York City. Well you were wrong. A recent article from CNN points out that this ban will only be forced on small businesses within the city: Read more of this post

Post VP Debate: Obama Campaign Still On The Defensive

The clash between vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and current vice president, Joe Biden was a wide open prism into the current state of Barack Obama’s re-election bid. Bad blood has been overflowing all week from Mitt Romney’s drubbing of Barack Obama in the first debate and we now see a transition in strategy from those in the white house. It isn’t anything different from what we’ve seen in the radical left over the last few decades. When they get cornered, they filibuster, deflect, defer and do anything possible to distract from the real issues they are being called out on. Such was the story when Joe Biden took the microphone in the feisty one-sided debate we saw last night. Read more of this post


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