The Rise of Radical Progressivism

One of the things that we’ve always tried to do during the last years is paint of picture of how we envision an America of the future – that is our goals and aspirations for this country and its people. At the risk of sounding cliched, my approach continues to be rooted in the belief that our best days are ahead of us.  Freedom and prosperity is still attainable and the constitution is the blue print for that success.  Read more of this post

John Roberts Betrays America

Read more of this post

The Grassroots Etymology of Freedom

We hear an awful lot about the need to mobilize, and the importance it is for conservatives to be able to make a difference if America is to be restored again to a place that optimizes freedom. There are some people who don’t know where to start or what to do. Read more of this post

The Pinnacle of Liberty vs. Tyranny Lies on November 2012

I think John Adams said it best: “The constitution was made for a moral and free people, it’s wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.” The whole idea behind the concept of a free nation is the willingness of its people to employ measures of self restraint. With freedom comes responsibility. Without responsibility comes tyranny. On the individual level we call that prison. At the state level we call it totalitarianism. Read more of this post

The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment

The first amendment battle in this country is starting to become more and more apparent as I observe some of the political discourse in this country. It is imperative that people recognize it’s significance or this will become another right, one of our most important ones,  that dissolves in the front of our eyes.

The impetus toward addressing this topic now is result of the religious freedom attack coming directly from the Barack Obama health care plan who’s HHS mandate directly violates conscience laws of individuals in this country. Read more of this post


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