Introducing the Connecticut Senate Democrats, aka Stupid, Dumb and Ignorant

I want you to be aware of some of the issues democrats think are important to debate about right now. In the state of Connecticut where the left all but dominates the political landscape, it is jaw dropping to see what kinds of things resonate with voters. We have an incredible debt crisis, one that we have seen coming for a long time. Our non-entitlement debt is at 15 trillion dollars, factor in entitlements and it’s over 100 trillion dollars. The number one financial issue for democrats right now though is to squeeze a tiny fraction of a percentage point of our budget out of the most capable job creators in this country using the buffet rule.

I think it’s [the buffet rule] is a tremendously important issue. I think what the president’s been doing in talking about minimum corporate taxes, in changing the treatment of foreign profits abroad and the deferment of profits on foreign income. I think this whole conversation about income inequality is an important one in this country and I strongly disagree with Governor Romney and frankly his reluctance refusal or I don’t know inability to address this issue. You know he thinks it’s the politics of envy to talk about income inequality, he thinks it’s the politics of envy to criticize the Ryan budget which shifts the entire burden of investment in this country, education and our infrastructure onto the backs of working and middle class folks. I think that’s wrong. It’s not the politics of envy, it’s the politics of truth. We need everybody to pay their fair share, we need everybody to pitch in. We need to do our part to make this a fair tax structure and help our economy grow again

Well there you go, not one mention of this country’s debt. Not one mention or gesture to cut spending as a possible solution. However you don’t have to tell a democrat the numbers don’t work out, because they know that. It’s a problem they are deliberately trying to leave unsolved.

The POLITICS OF TRUTH in the situation, to use Mr. Tong’s verbiage, is that the buffet rule helps nobody. There is not a single middle class family that will see a penny of additional income as a result of this punitive tax policy. In fact you may find middle class Americans who end up losing jobs as a consequence of that legislation.

More and more we are finding the institutional left’s courting of the message of occupy wall street in normal conversations of a democrat debate. They are so hell bent on punishing the rich that they will deliberately lie and misrepresent anything a republican proposes to solve the incoming debt crisis – of which the numbers are staggering. The most notable lies in Tong’s argument is the idea that the Ryan budget shifts the burden to middle class Americans. That is false. He closes some tax “loopholes” (I have that in quotes because it is an invented word by the democrats). Most importantly, it’s a solution to closing our debt GAP; and it’s a very sustainable one for all Americans.

Oh the debate got even better after that!!

Chris Murphy then speaks and makes the point that “taxes aren’t out there to punish people but to protect our investments.” Okay Chris that’s still the wrong reason we pay taxes, but your also lying about your reasoning behind support the Buffet rule. Did you think it had to do with eating at the buffet? I’m just curious. It didn’t take long for Susan Byesewicz to get everyone back on point!

We need to bring fairness to our tax policy in this country because right now it is skewed to the benefit of the biggest corporations in America and the wealthiest people.

Now it’s about fairness again see! How does this help middle class Americans again? Oh yea that’s right, It doesn’t!!

Oh it gets better, now we get to talk about Obama’s Mandate (contraception – oh the way the question was worded a hypothetical abortion MANDATE was thrown in the mix as well!) – Chris Murphy to the podium again

Let me agree with the premise that Catholic healthcare matters. It matters in this state. I don’t know where healthcare in Waterbury, CT and my district would be without the Catholic healthcare that’s been provided there but the fact is: It’s not just Catholics that work for Catholic Healthcare institutions

Oh? The fact that non-Catholics may work for a catholic institution is important because…?

And it’s not just private dollars that fund the work they do

Ding! Ding! They have strings to pull see?!?! The democrats have now established that government money comes with dictatorial oversight over what your company is able to do – no matter how much of a positive service you may be for them on everything else.

In fact, those hospitals are using taxpayer money. Most of their money in fact comes from medicare and medicade. The fact is anybody that works there whether they’re Catholic or not should have the ability to have a full range of healthcare services, and we have decided rightfully, in this country, that having access to contraception is no different than having access to any other prescription that you may take. I just don’t see any reason to be carving out what we believe to be is best healthcare practice for a certain amount of institutions. I know there’s controversy around this subject, but ultimately I know it’s the best thing for healthcare, not just women’s healthcare in this country.

Damn is that loaded. I once again ask, without engaging the religious argument yet – that will be more important later, What is the point of having insurance? What does insurance do for us? Is it supposed to be there for every nickel and dime expense we may have? Insurance originally was supposed to exist primarily to cover catastrophic costs, or at least very expensive ones. Contraception doesn’t even weigh in, in terms of the level of expense and there are many places you can go to get it free or at very low cost. In short, Murphy’s a damn liar. But you already knew that.

It get’s even better – oh I skipped ole Susy because she basically said the same unoriginal and stupid banter that I just quoted Murphy on, federal funds is a ticket to government tyranny for your company, etc. NEXT!!! This is a guy names Matthew Oakes – I present to you now your typical uninformed Connecticut democrat:

This is part of why I’m running. I can’t believe it took a minute, with all due respect for both of them to answer this question. These are the facts: If they’re gonna take our money, I’m Roman Catholic, then they need to perform the healthcare issues that women need performed for them

Oh you are Roman Catholic? That’s nice to know, I’d let you know that you are actually not roman catholic by default – but that’s something I don’t need to engage right now.

You know republicans talk about this “war on religion” … It’s just smoke and mirrors for their war on women’s health, reproductive rights, that’s all it is.

Oh boy didn’t he hit it out of the park. I didn’t realize Connecticut has a Los Angeles Unified School district too!! NEXT!! Mrs. Whitman (the Ron Paul wannabee on the left who thinks we need to be prosecuted for Occupying someone else’s homeland [america]):

I don’t even know why we’re having an abortion discussion. You know when I was in Catholic School…

Is it not amazing that every single damn democrat has to qualify their position be juxtapositioning it on the Catholic Church itself?

…I’m a lot older than most of the people here: I remember reading in a Catholic book and we were Protestant and Catholic, we eventually became Protestant a few years later. But in the beginning I went to Catholic School and I remember reading that life begins at quickening, which is when the woman feels the soul enter the body

Her source is a “Catholic book” she remembers reading at some-point in her youth. Anyone still wondering why the Bishops in Connecticut were fuming about this incredible stupidity shortly after this debate was aired? The democrats are serial liars, and now they are using politics to try and redefine the doctrines of religious institutions. Right now the focus is just on Catholics, but there are a number of religious run hospital in this area, including a large Presbyterian one right outside of New York city that will all come under attack eventually. Let’s see what she then goes onto say:

Any ending of a pregnancy before quickening as far as Catholic doctrine used to be concerned before Roe Vs. Wade, it was my understanding that it was okay, it was not considered a human just a fertilized egg.

So before Roe Vs. Wade (when abortion was still illegal in this country) the Catholic Church actually approved of abortion at the time! At least it was her understanding that they did, and noting the incredibly accurate and reliable sources that she has cited, there couldn’t be ANY FLAWS in “her understanding!!!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the dumbest people in America, and to bring you more hope, one of these fine individuals will likely be serving in the US Senate next year in place of Joe Lieberman.

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